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  1. mudchucker

    Anyone upgraded their forks? DRZ 110

    Have a set of 110 forks and a set of kx 60 forks. Pm me if interested.
  2. mudchucker

    Have KX 60 forks

    I'm not in the habit of making unknown long distance calls. Pm me if interested.
  3. mudchucker

    Footpegs pulled out of the engine cases...

    What length bolt is recommended for the foot peg bracket?
  4. mudchucker

    Have KX 60 forks

    Last Call Before Ebay!
  5. mudchucker

    110 Lower Tripple Clamp Needed!!!

    I have a set of black kx 60 upper & lower tripple clamps and bolt. You can have for $20 plus whatever shipping is.
  6. mudchucker

    Have KX 60 forks

    Have a set of KX 60 forks that I don't need. Straight and fork seals are not leaking. One dust cover is starting to crack. Will let go for $90 + shipping (Thought I would offer to my fellow Thumper members first, before listing on ebay.
  7. mudchucker

    KLX110 kick starter replacement

    Will a kx 60 or 65 kick starter work instead of the 110 kickstarter?
  8. mudchucker

    drz 110 engine swap

    I have heard some had used a KTM 65 rolling chassis. I think that would be better yet.
  9. mudchucker

    Rev box for 110

  10. mudchucker

    Hanebrink KLX110 Swingarm

    We also have the Hanbrink swingarm but they sent us a Risse shock. It is a bmx shock very small, seems to work ok. It did take me a few hours to put the swingarm and shock on bike, due to the fact everything needed shimming poor instructions came with it. I would like to change to a disk brake on the rear, but that will be another all day project.
  11. mudchucker

    Rev box for 110

    Anyone have one? Are they worth the $$$ ? Just looking for some input, good or bad.
  12. mudchucker

    Joker Choke Plug for 110s

    Whats there website.
  13. mudchucker

    4th gear drum

    Does the forth gear make a big difference in top end? Also is everyone with the forth gear use the stock gearing? Bottom line is it a good mod to have for the price?