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    TTR110 handguards

    Rocky Mtn ATV MC has the Acerbis - Acerbis Minicross Rally Handguards - in black or white. These should fit with no modifications needed - they are specifically made for the narrower bars. The price really isn't as bad as I thought but I was buying 3 sets so the deal at the time on fleabay was pretty good (buy one get one 1/2 price). Plus, color coordination was a nice aspect of the fleabay seller - I was able to get 2 sets of blue for my TTR90 and TTR125 and a yellow set for the DRZ110.
  2. TeamDoty

    TTR110 handguards

    I purchased from "ghostridermotor" on fleabay - they have a lot of different products so you'll have to sort to the motorcycle items and then even there they have many different hand guards to look through - I purchased the basic model "7/8'' Brush Hand Guard For Yamaha XT WR YZ TT PW DT TTR 450F 250F R230 R125 R110"... but as I mentioned, I did have to modify slightly to fit the narrower bars on the TTR90 and I suspect the 110 bars are the narrow style too - my DRZ110 are narrower that full size. I'll try to get you a pic to show you what I did.
  3. TeamDoty

    GYTR Exhaust + BBR Cradle Fitment

    Thank you very much ttrlouis... yes, the bike runs great... the previous owner is an mx racer and this was his wife's bike - they moved and were not going to have any trail riding in their area so they decided to get rid of the ttr before they moved. It starts in 1-3 kicks, no choke - no joke. So changing the set up is something I wasn't really wanting to monkey with. Between me and my man-cubs I've got 4 bikes to maintain and I just don't need any unnecessary headaches! I'll definitely take a look at that FMF system!
  4. TeamDoty

    GYTR Exhaust + BBR Cradle Fitment

    Hi, My son's bike is an '06 TTR 125 LE (big wheel, electric start). We got it used and it had a GYTR Exhaust on it and the previous owner also put a different carburetor on it - explaining to me that a larger carb was recommended. I know nothing about this but I know it's not the factory carb. I wanted to get a BBR Cradle on it and we had to remove the exhaust in order to take out the factory motor mount bolts. The cradle went on with no issues but we can't reinstall the GYTR Exhaust as it interferes with the cradle. 01.) Grind the cradle down and/or try to reshape the exhaust? 02.) Purchase an original OEM exhaust system... but would I have to go back to a factory carb? 03.) Any other ideas... (returning the cradle isn't really and option - this was a Christmas gift and my son is really expecting it to stay on) Thanks for any guidance, assistance, info... I really appreciate it!!! TeamDoty
  5. TeamDoty

    TTR110 handguards

    I picked up some fleabay busters for my son's ttr90. These were the style with the colored plastic molded over the aluminum frame. I had to trim the plastic back on the interior side closest to the triple clamp, then cut the aluminum frame down a little and drill a new hole for that mounting location. The 90 and the 110 I think have a narrower bar than the 125 (because my oldest son's 125 required no modifications). In addition, I purchased an aftermarket bar end plug/expanding bolt (Cycra Pro Bend Bar Ends)... that was only about $8/pr. (Rocky Mtn has 'em too) - the expanding bolt that came with the guards I think was made for a smaller internal diameter - mine broke when I tightened it. After I put on the Cycra expanding bolt assembly it worked like a charm. The seller I bought from was running a special where you got your 2nd set for 1/2 price. Since I was buying 3pr for my son's the cost of the extra 2 sets of expanding bolts wasn't a big deal. I'll try to get some pics and details for you. The only hand guards that I know of that fit smaller dirt bikes are Acerbis brand but they are a bit spendy and I really was just looking for something to protect the levers from busting off every time one of my man-cubs has a get-off
  6. Okay, finally got time to do some extensive measuring of the piston, rings, cylinder, wrist pin, etc. The rings are completely out of range... gaps way over spec. The wrist pin is too small diameter in the middle then flares out fine at the ends... so it's essentially hourglass shaped and out of spec. The ring spacing in the grooves is fine, the bore/piston measurements are fine, the connecting rod is fine. So looks like I lucked out and will need new rings, wrist pin + a few other odds and ends.
  7. Appreciate the leads here guys! It's been a long time since I rebuilt any engine and I'm way rusty on my analysis. Thank you all very much! I'm going to hone the sleeve and check the ring gaps and check that against the spec' in the manual + check for particulate in the internal filter. There was a little silver sheen in the oil at the bottom of the crankcase... figure some of that is normal.
  8. Hey all, I picked up this XR a few years ago. It had a little engine knock to it and I always planned to rebuild it thinking it was a wrist pin issue. The PO said he put a new piston in it - I don't ride it much - only to follow the man cubs around on their bikes. The other day I noticed a fair amount of smoke at idle when I stopped. There was a fair amount of oil/oil vapor blowing from the crankcase vent on the back side of the transmission portion of the case. I assumed this to be excess crankcase pressure due to blowby of the rings. I took the engine out and began disassembling. I got the valve assembly, head and cylinder/jug off and removed the piston and wrist pin. The cylinder walls look pretty good but there is a squarish shape discolored area on the front and the back that look to coincide with the similar shape on the lower portion of the piston sides. Very little scoring and it's still very smooth. The piston looks fairly new, very little carbon build up and the piston sides look pretty good with little scoring. The top two piston rings seem okay, lots of spring but the bottom ring (oil ring?) seems to barely be peeking out from it's groove (problem?). The wrist pin has some play, I can rock it side to side a few degrees. I can detect a little play up and down also (in the long axis of the connecting rod). Connecting rod seems to have no up/down play on the crank... there's a little movement available side to side but no angular play. My assumption here from my past mechanical experiences and from reading on this forum is the wrist pin, piston and rings should be replaced along with a good hone of the cylinder. Any other ideas/opinions? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  9. TeamDoty

    Pulse Generator Assem. - Where To Find?

    Update: I installed the Pulse Generator (pick up coil) from a 1991-2000 model XR and it worked great! I also installed a new CDI (Arrow Indus.?) at the same time. Still running on the stock OEM stator. So the old XR is alive again... now fixing/restoring a few other odds and ends on the bike before I take 'er out for a test ride. I'll post up part numbers, etc. soon.
  10. TeamDoty

    Arrowhead CDI Box

    So far so good... will know whether this upgrade works or not soon.
  11. TeamDoty

    Honda XR600R (1987)


    Mine looks a lot like this but I haven't taken any good pics of it yet. Picked it up cheap - it's in great shape, nearly all stock parts are there ('cept endurance meter, grrrr). Working on it now at buddy's shop. It's a dream bike for me - always wanted an XR600 and now I have one!!!
  12. TeamDoty

    Honda XR600R 1987

    Mine looks a lot like this but I haven't taken any good pics of it yet. Picked it up cheap - it's in great shape, nearly all stock parts are there ('cept endurance meter, grrrr). Working on it now at buddy's shop. It's a dream bike for me - always wanted an XR600 and now I have one!!!
  13. TeamDoty

    Pulse Generator Assem. - Where To Find?

    Actually... even the 1991-2000 model looks to be identical... wires and connector look the same... mounting bracket looks the same. Might be worth trying - these are still available and I can get OEM from Partzilla for $38.
  14. TeamDoty

    Pulse Generator Assem. - Where To Find?

    Thanks! I've checked there and some other places... no joy. I've gotten to where I'm scouring images of the 1985-87 parts and comparing those to other years. I *think* those from 1988-90 look very similar...
  15. Hey all... One of my first posts... sorry if this info is readily available... I searched and read, and read, read all about pulse generators, stators, CDIs, etc. but no where could I find any information about where to buy one of these parts. I can find the CDI, the stator, and the regulator all online from various sources but what I can't find is the Pulse Generator (some seem to call this the "pickup coil", or the "pickup pulse coil") I've got a 1985 XR600. Probably a simple cross reference to some other part but this newbie is stumped. Please help! THANKS! TeamDoty