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  1. DaveE

    Kawasaki parts on line

    Guys, where is the best place on line to buy Geniune Kawasaki parts on line? Have a great Thanks Giving. Dave
  2. DaveE

    Master link KLX300

    Thanks for the info, I think I will continue to clean it on the chain on the bike. The bike has about 20-25 hrs on it, not hard hours, the sprockets look good yet, anyone's thoughts on if I should replace the chain with a new one?? Thanks
  3. Guys, I have spent the last hour cleaning and looking for the master link on my 2001 KLX300 --- I can't find it!! Does anyone know from the factory does the chain come without a master link? I was going to take it off to clean it up -- but I can not find the sping clip - looked on both sides. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. DaveE

    KLX300 fork oil

    Guys, thanks for the tips, I tried the negitive trick and am going to watch it to see if it works. I have to say I am really glad there are a great bunch of guys on this forum that are willing to share advise and knowledge, so far there has not been an issue that I could not get help with! Guys have a great holiday, Thanks
  5. DaveE

    KLX300 fork oil

    I have a very slight leak in one fork, read the service manual, which states that you need to take the forks out of the tripple clamp and use a bunch of special tools to check or change the oil. Does anyone know an easier way than taking the forks off the bike to add or change the oil? Thanks
  6. DaveE

    Street Legal in Ca

    Does anyone know if a KLX 300 can be made sreet leagl in Ca? If so what does it take, do they make you put DOT approved tires on? Any advise would be appreciated. Don't plan on running on street, just a safety measure for crossing or a short run down the street.
  7. I have a 2001 KLX 300 with a White brothers E series exhaust, does any one know if this combo will exceed the 96DB limit in CA? Is anyone aware if the authorities are really checking, and if so where. If the combo is too noise is there any way to quite it down w/o changing the exhaust? Thanks