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  1. please make sure your testing is correct , (do a plug chop with a fresh plug at 14-12 throttle to check the needle for leaness Please explain this. I m not fammiliar with all the tehnical words in english.
  2. WOT for about 8 seconds. 38 pilot 168 main. n2zj. i moded the slide so that the needle would drop off more. about 2 mm. i think the needle jet is worne and that s why it mut go down more.
  3. but where are the needles leaner. i forgot to mention that i need to be leaner from start of throttle to about 1/2.
  4. in the 1st clip. started with 2nd
  5. So i am still dealing with the richness problem even with the smaller jets and necj needle. today i managed to make a test with a friend;s number 6 slide. the slide was moded.in the place where the needle sits it was drilled a hole to let the needle be lower. i put the n2zj needle and surprise: the bike run very good. it was lowered about 2,5 more clips . so ..is there a needle so lean after n2zj ? thanks
  6. . This is what is like after riding very short in 2nd gear below half throtle. And when i pull he. Throtle same problem. Could it be the float level?
  7. Thank you. I will play a little with the air screw today and see what happends.
  8. It s working. I have rebuild the engine and put everything in order and checked it. It was moving ok.
  9. So after a long wait for the jets i finally got them. 38 pilot and 168 main. The bike feels different. only thing i don't like is that when i m not on the gas and suddenly open the trothle i have a delay. it still feels richer (about half throtle ). After this runs smooth. If i m all the time on gas it revs with no problems , much better than before. Needle is NECJ 2nd position from top. air screw 1 3/4 turns.
  10. just ordered the NECJ needle. i will also order the 40 pilot. Only next week i will receive them and start the re jetting.
  11. But the pilot does' not affect idling and 1/4 trotthle?
  12. it was not idling ok and below 1/2 throttle it felt very (i don t know how to say) vibrating .it felt like it was very rich mixture and the engine did not pull. the bike was bought from italy and i think it was riding at very high altitude with that settings.
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