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  1. kawklx400

    KLX Lowering Link

    Has anyone ever used a lowering link on a KLX 300? I was thinking about installing one so I could more easily reach the ground but didn't want to give up handling as a trade off. Please let me know what you think about them if you have used them. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what drilling out the hole in the slide on a CVK carbuerator does for performance? My JD Jet kit tells me to drill out the hole but I wanted to see what the benefit was first.
  3. Has anyone ever used one of the stainless steel resuable oil filters? It would be nice not to have to keep buying new filters all the time but I am not sure how well the reusables work. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  4. kawklx400

    Extended Air Screw

    Does anyone know of where you can pick up an extended airscrew other than the dealer? Thanks.
  5. kawklx400

    petcock leaks when off

    My petcock was leaking in the off position and I took it apart to find out the gasket behind the lever had a crack in it. Went to the Kawasaki dealer and they said they could only sell the whole setup and it would run $60. I kept looking and found that they sell the gasket seperately for the KLX 300 and it is the exact same (i have the KLX 400). You might try taking the the two screws off from the switch to see if it is the gasket behind is cracked and then see if other models sell just the gasket.
  6. kawklx400

    Fuel Petcock Gasket

    Does anyone know where you can get a fuel petcock gastet? Mine has a crack in it so fuel constantly runs to the carbuerator even when it is switched to off. My dealership says they can only order the entire assembly and they want $60. Don't really want to spend that much if I can get the gasket by itself.
  7. kawklx400

    Which needle in a JD Jet Kit?

    I just put that kit on my KLX 400 this weekend and went with the blue needle and the 162 main jet. I was suprised to see the stock main jet was a 142 because my plug was showing that the bike was already running rich. It seemed to run better but it still boggs down and wants to die if you wrap the throttle quickly.
  8. kawklx400

    KLX 400 Pipe

    Has anyone drilled out the baffle on the end cap of the muffler? I was wondering what size and kind of drill bit was used because I don't want to mess up the spark arrestor.
  9. kawklx400

    KLX 400 Pipe

    Does getting a replacement end cap that has a wider opening give any more power or is that a waste as well?
  10. kawklx400


    I am wanting to put an aftermarket exhaust system on my 03 KLX 400 but am not sure what type would be best. I am looking for something that helps out on the low end and not necessarily adding top end, but a good balance would be nice. Any suggestions?
  11. kawklx400

    03 Kawasaki KLX 400

    I am looking into putting a kickstart kit on my KLX 400 but wasn't sure if you had to split the cases to get it in there. Just wondering if anyone had put one on their DRZ 400.
  12. kawklx400

    03 KLX 400 Kick Start Question

    I am planning on putting a kick start kit on my KLX 400 but wasn't sure if you had to split the case to get it in there. Has anyone put one on their bike?
  13. kawklx400

    Boggs down

    When I really get on the throttle of my KLX 400 it boggs down and wants to die. However, when I simply ease the throttle back it does fine. When it is idling with the clutch in and I turn the throttle really fast it just dies. Does anyone have any ideas?
  14. kawklx400

    Boggs down

    Will taking the mixture screw out a little help at all?
  15. kawklx400

    03 Kawasaki KLX 400

    The only kit they sell is for the suzuki but I was told the engines were exactly the same. Will that kit work on my bike?