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  1. JakeTheGreat

    Back on a 4 stroke.

    Came off a KTM 300xc and could not be happier!
  2. JakeTheGreat

    New FC350 Owner

    Who makes that graphic kit btw? I like the Husky logo.
  3. JakeTheGreat

    New FC350 Owner

    Glad you like it! My roommate has the 350 and absolute loves it compared to his yz 250f. I'm not a big rpm dude so I went with another 450. We rip the desert instead of the track, but still can't believe they have a bike that can rip the track and then go hit 100+ on a straight in the desert. Truly an amazing machine, glad you love it. Welcome to the white KTM club.
  4. JakeTheGreat


    I highly doubt your extra 2 hour dirty oil caused this. I will admit my bike does get harder to shift the longer I wait for the oil change..
  5. JakeTheGreat

    22.6 hour update KTM 450sxf

    How do you like the pipe? Difference?
  6. JakeTheGreat

    Avgas/Maxima castor 927 separation

    I have only and will only ever run motul 800 2t as mix in my dirt bikes & jet skis. I have a 300 with a mule kit from Slavens that is a fire breather and I only run 100ll mixed with 800 2t. I also run it in everything else I have that's stock. Excellent fuel and oil for our da ding ding dingers and makes jetting way easier because the fuel is more consistent than the automobile pump junk. We also have multiple 800+ hp boats the strictly run off 100ll all summer long.
  7. JakeTheGreat

    Should I sell the ol' 300?

    Well, I pulled the trigger on a new 450fx and still have the 300 but it's currently for sale. I figured I'd get rid of it and pick up one of the them non vibratin' port injected sums o bitch in the next year or two!
  8. JakeTheGreat

    Cold start problems ktm 450 sxf 2017

    If you want to spend some dough.. these batteries are what the pro's run.. http://www.super-b.com/en/automotive/sli-starter-batteries/motorcycle/sb12v5200p-ac#product-performance
  9. JakeTheGreat

    Southern Utah?

    Will be making a trip up to Beaver, Utah this weekend from Phoenix, AZ. Was hoping someone had a suggestion for good trails in southern Utah? We rode Sand Hollow last time, thanks! Dirtbike, expert class riders.
  10. I absolutely hate diesel and think think your post should be deleted because some poor bastard will try this. Diesel stinks, ruins everything it touches and you cannot clean it off of anything you spill it on. Gas is cheaper than any detergent on the market. Diesel may be pennies cheaper but is no where near the headache it causes. DO NOT USE DIESEL I digress...
  11. Used gas the last 10 years to clean filters and yes it does work the best and yes it will deteriorate them eventually. I can get an entire riding season out of a 20 dollar Twin-Air filter, replace it and not think twice about using gas to clean the new one.
  12. JakeTheGreat


  13. JakeTheGreat

    2017 FX 350 vs. KTM XCF

    Yes, Huskys are a little bit more mellow due to the airbox being more restrictive. Besides that, identical. Pick your color.
  14. She's ready for BAJA next weekend.
  15. JakeTheGreat

    450 SX-F, 2018 or 2017 for $1k less

    Dave, I have a friend that owns a dealership KTM/Husky Dealership in Southern California. PM me your number and I'll give you a ring.