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  1. toma

    Which GPS to get?

    Check out the guys at cycoactive.com They are the gps motorcycle guru's. Very helpful info.
  2. toma

    fuel petcock inner oring

    check this out:
  3. I have an 01' wr250 with an unplugged stock exhaust with vortip. I am considering a "quiet" pipe like the FMF Q or WB E2. Can anyone give me an idea how this might sound compared to what I'm running now?? Will these plug into my stock header? Thanks for the help.
  4. toma

    tanks/seats interchangable???

    Sorry to bug. So a 00' yz426f gas tank and a 01' yz426f seat will fit on an 01'wr250f?? Any clue what a fair price on a used gas tank should be?? much appreciated..
  5. I have an 01' wr250f and am looking for a yz seat/tank combo. My question is whether or not I can mate an 01'-02' yz426f seat/tank with an 01'-02' yz250f seat/tank? Can 01' and 02' yz combos be mixed to fit my 01'wr?
  6. Looking for budget performance upgrade. Will any year yz250f stock exhaust work on an 01' wr250f? What kind of performance can be gained? How much louder will it be from my stock muff with vortip? thanks for any advice.
  7. Just bought a Garmin Legend and trying to decide which software to buy for mostly trail/forest road use. Roads and Rec is discontinued but I think I can still find one. What is its replacement? What about MetroGuide?? Anyone like it?? I have read that Mapsource Topo isn't a top choice. Any insight is appreciated.
  8. Hi Everyone. I am anticipating the arrival of a 01' WR250 with no manual and no contact to the last owner. I have been doing my research on the bike and am trying to find out the stock suspension settings to begin from. I weigh 190lbs 6'. Do they list in the Service/Maintenance manuals? I have skimmed the online '03 manual with no luck. Any help or direction is appreciated.
  9. Any advice for a new rider.? I am buying a super clean 01' wr250. Any advice or tips about this bike?? I have read all about the free mods available and gone to the ThumperFaq page for additional info. Is the 03' decompression cam really a must-have?? What essential tools do I need to purchase for regular maintence and trail riding?? Where can I get a owners manual? Thanks to all for any advice and insight.
  10. I am a new rider and have an opportunity to purchase a 02' wrf 250 and would greatly appreciate any insight and opinoins about this bike. I have heard it is hard starting?? No e-start on 02? I have read about the free mods to improve performance etc. Any replies are appreciated. Thank you...