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  1. criner250f

    Hot Start For 01 250f

    Has anybody put an aftermarket hot start cable pull on a 01 250f.And what kind and were.
  2. criner250f

    05 WR 250f was it a mistake?

    Barkbuster,You have to ride your rekluse just like its got a clutch.Shift like you have to with a clutch ,thats what im tryin to say.Ive got smithville,thayer,bull creek and toys for tots on my clutch(rekluse)and still pullin 3d gear willies.Also i have a 302 bigbore kit in my 250f,youll have to try it sometime.One of the big sales pitches of the rekluse is that you can ride a gear higher and save from shifting if you do this you will burn plates up racin.Just ride it like you do with a reguler bike.You shouldnt burn up plates doin this. are you goin to cassville?And are you goin to sell your wr?And how much?
  3. criner250f

    What Oil do you use for your 250F

    Rotella T 15-40
  4. criner250f

    05 WR 250f was it a mistake?

    BarkBuster , This is Criner250f.I have a rekluse in my 250f.Its bad as#!.I ve been runnin with Elston so next time i see you you can try her out and see what you think.Also scott frazier has one on his crf 450..you art to try it first see if you like it.There hard to get used to,but there way easy to handle because there less fatigue(not haveing to clutch or start your bike) Just go and giver hell!Fast like!
  5. criner250f

    WER dampener - Any one using it?

    Best mod i could recomend.Its the only 'have to'mod around.W.E.R is the best,I think
  6. criner250f

    Rekluse on '03 YZF250?

    got one on my o1 250f and it shines.i also have a big borestroker 302 kit on this bike and no problems with the low end torque.Lap times went up five miles an hour.(wich is good for me,cuz i just ride C class.(harescrambles)
  7. criner250f

    rekluse. Your harescramble expieriances.

    No im not claiming to be a AA rider.Im just saying that somtimes if you race you tend to be more aggresive with your style and your equipment,thus being harder on stuff.i just wanted to know if these clutches held out.Mine is doing alright but im not sold yet.i wanted to know if they held up to racing and how good. (And you guys thinking i have a bad attitude,your wrong.i was just wanting to be clear so i didnt waste anybodys time.)
  8. Did you guys burn up plates.How did this clutch perform to you? .This clutch is the bomb as far as mods but im not sold yet.
  9. criner250f

    dead engine starts ?

    believe it or not.i have a 01 250f and can start it in gear with a z-start auto clutch and giver hell.i was third into the woods on my second moto at the hillbilly highways.JUST WAIT FOR YOUR 05 WR Steve #669 C class
  10. raced a harscramble today.did well but after 10 miles clutch started slipping bad.It still had enough to go 20 more miles.Could this be because i didnt put new clutch plates in whene i installed the rekluse? Installed gap was .035.Is this somthin im goin to have to live with the rest of my rekluse life?(replacing clutches)Im very concerned
  11. criner250f

    dead engine starts ?

    Hey it just takes a lil confidence in your bike,you can do it. what part of s.w missouri are u from?are you a hillbilly? As in hillbilly gran prix.
  12. I was just wondering ,because i race hare scrambles ,if there were any assoc. against these clutches? like the GNCC or like assoc. Are these against any rules?