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  1. crf4life

    Are any motocrossers riding 2-smokes

    CR 125 here. its my first 2 stroke and I love it so far!
  2. crf4life

    Will the head on a 2004 fit a 2002?

    It should fit, I have an 02 head on mine.
  3. crf4life

    Top Dead Center with Cam Off 2006 450R

    when you bolt the cam assembly back on make sure the cams are pointing to the rear of the bike.
  4. You're right its vertical.
  5. crf4life

    cam chain stopper tool?

    Just loosen the bolts and pull the tensioner right out. That little tool you make is used when you reinstall it. You can make that little tool with a piece of sheet metal and a pair of tin snips, it doesn't have to be perfect.
  6. crf4life

    hey burned can you help?

    Cool ,I ordered a #70 leak jet and a JD kit, I'll let you know how it goes. thanks burned
  7. crf4life

    and they ruin it again!

    Send a complaint about the horses, phone and complain that they really stink.
  8. crf4life

    Accelerator Pump, Diaphram 02~03~04

    I remember reading on here somewhere that the diaphragm off an RMZ 450 works really well also.
  9. crf4life

    techies!!! Problem with timing, HELP!!!

    Why don't you send the people at Web an email. You can also check piston valve clearance with puddy. Couldn't you also lay the stock cam gear over the web gear and than mark it?
  10. crf4life

    Greasing my linkage - get your midn out of the gutter

    no special tools required. Don't forget to grease the bearings at the top of the shock.
  11. crf4life

    hey burned can you help?

    Leak jet controls amount of squirt,right?
  12. I have an 04 crf450 and I just did a pile of mods to it. The bike seems to run really rich, plug is black and it shoots black soot out the exhaust. It doesn't bog at all, seems rich 1/4 throttle and up. Here is a list of the mods I did... 13:1 piston stage2 hotcam mild port/polish After market exhaust 05 airboot powerflow kit airbox is opened I run a mix of 30% race gas I'm at sea level Average temp is 80-90 Current Jetting Main #160(stock is 165) pilot#42(stock) needle NYCR 4th (stock) Fuel screw 1 3/4 out Thanks burned
  13. crf4life

    Twin Air Power Flow Kit Woes

    It has two layers, I cut an old one I had just to check, thinking the same thing.
  14. crf4life

    Timing chain

    make sure you get a flywheel puller.