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  1. Shitty
  2. Yes like 2 days ago, about 45 miles from me. Don't know much about it, besides there's a bunch of people looking for debris. Guess it's worth some money lol.
  3. Thought I'd try this, seems good..
  4. Bought a couple of first-aid kits. Will get more for the rest of the fam when order comes in.
  5. Yep kinda weird, certain people aren't recognized (or as much) until they're gone..
  6. Yeah, I miss Roy the most.
  7. In case no one mentioned, stiffer shock & fork springs for sure.
  8. My tractor lol
  9. I'll get some pics of my buddy's Massey Ferguson resto one day... Tis what makes it wonderful !
  10. Apologize my ass, keep em coming ! [emoji106] [emoji106]