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  2. You're gonna like those Renthals. I've got the Renthal Desert/Vintage bars, probably the same thing. A little late, but I got a couple of old steel YZ bars hanging on the wall. One pair from 81'465 & 82'490. If interested let me know...
  3. Never mind, thought had RaceTech.
  4. Fork springs should come with some 2mm shim washers. Put 1 in each fork.
  5. Don't lie it's gonna be the 'Dungeon'..lol
  6. Any of the 5wt fork fluids should be good. Measure from fluid height, to top of tube. Springs out, forks compressed.
  7. How does the front feel with the .50 fork springs ?
  8. Epic
  9. You're welcome [emoji106]
  10. Put it in 1st gear, rock it back & forth about 10 times, charging the cylinder. Choke on, TDC, jump on it with conviction, should only take 3 kicks to start cold. Once warm, kick and crack the throttle simultaneously, it'll start right up.
  11. Just had mine apart, stator bolts were fine. Starter clutch bolts not so much. 3 were tight, 2 were barely bottomed, 1 finger loose and sticking out a couple threads. This would have destroyed my stator soon if not looked at.
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  13. Yep springs & fluid change alone makes a big difference.