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  1. Then roto-till !
  2. I can see sparks flying off the tire irons now ! Lol
  3. I hope It's not true, dealer told me though...Not swettin' it, can plate anything here in Michigan. Just convenient to buy that way.
  4. Finally got rid of this bike, in the rain. Been done for like a month, friends can be the BIGGEST pain in the ass !
  5. I've tried to help people several times in the past, seems like I unintentionally "call their bluff". Not willing to do any side work, usually turns out to be a pain in the ass. Thanks for asking, my apology, and good luck.
  6. Likewise
  7. Rode my buddy's once bout 15yrs ago lotsa powa !
  8. Woops Honda... 450 ? !!!
  9. 2 KTM's ?!!
  10. I try not to.
  11. About to own 6 if dude doesn't come get this soon...
  12. Decorated my table a little bit.
  13. Think it's 17mm
  14. Oil Thread ??