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  1. Lol wow, never realized dirt bikers were such egotistical sensative pussys till I joined TT. LMAO
  2. Boy oh boy I've heard it all now. "Spark plug last for ever", LMFAO Just put a new plug in every once in a while cheap fkrs.
  3. Pretty simple, BR8ES
  4. Don't worry, some idiot said spark plugs last for ever. Heard it on TT, so it's true LMAO
  5. Pro-X
  6. Do it it's a blast! Rode my 89 CR250 on trails for years. IMS 3.5 gal tank & 14/45 sprockts, got around 100 miles per tank.
  7. Throw a cheap knobby on there & tear it up...
  8. I do my own, for sure have a manual & a case seperator (motion pro). Might want to have an experienced freind help you the first time.Other than that, some common sense & patients. And the very good advice given above.
  9. Never had one done. My freind who races & is a motorcycle mechanic, says good things about Millenium.
  10. Man oh man, pretty brutal! Hope you heal up well, and can do everything you used to without your big toe. Best luck to you.
  11. And suicide with razors is for sissy's.
  12. Only this pisses me off. Get a different insurance company.
  13. Out on jury duty break, found some dirt. ExhaustScum, if we ever go riding I wanna check this out. In Pontiac.
  14. I just keep stacking them...till they get about 1/8" high. Then they come off easy.
  15. .