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  1. mxaddict

    I need a pic of a crf450r '09 front fender

    You would need a different lower triple clamp or some serious rigging to make it work...the front mounts are completely different than before.
  2. mxaddict

    trans oil type ??

    The 80/85 wt trans oil is fine, and was recommended by Honda for that year. The manuals for the '02 through '05 at least, and I beleive the '06 through '08 also but I am not sure, recommended in this order: Pro Honda HP Trans Oil (this is the 80/85wt trans oil in the red bottle) or Pro Honda GN4 or HP4 w/o moly or equivalent 80/85 wt trans oil is not heavier than 10w40 motor oil...trans oil and motor oil viscosities are measured differently, so don't let the higher number confuse you. The '09 manual dropped the recommendation for the trans oil...why I don't know. Most likely just for simplicity.
  3. mxaddict

    2009 shift lever

    The guy wanted to know where to get them, and you made it sound like you could only get the rubber tips, which is wrong, so I showed him where to get the standard tips. You are not raining on anyone's parade.
  4. mxaddict

    2009 shift lever

    They do still make them, and sell them on their website...color choices may be different. They also make rubber tips if you want them. See both here: http://www.hdmoto.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=5
  5. mxaddict

    2009 shift lever

    That is what I did.
  6. mxaddict

    2009 shift lever

    Yes, it fits the stock lever. You drill out the rivet holding on the stock tip and the Hammerhead tip has a bolt and c-clip that hold it on. Here's a pic of it on mine: The Hammerhead +10mm tip is the same as stock on a Honda 450, so the +20mm is 10mm longer than stock, or .4 inches. Don't order the +10, or it will be the same as stock. Here's how they compare:
  7. mxaddict

    2009 shift lever

    I had the same problem, and put the Hammerhead +20mm shift tip on mine...fixed it.
  8. mxaddict

    Any problems on the 09'?

    I have had a major problem with my '09. Every time I ride, all of the dirt that does not end up stuck on my buddies' faces and chests gets caught in all the nooks and crannies the Honda engineers designed into the underside of the rear fender. This has made keeping the bike 'showroom new' looking very difficult and time consuming, and seriously cuts into my bragging time after each ride.
  9. mxaddict

    Strange starting problem...any ideas?

    He tried it with the kill switch disconnecte...no fire. Tried a second kill switch, worked the same way, hold it down and he got fire. It makes no sense to me.
  10. A friends bike, an '02 450, has developed a strange starting problem. When cold, it will only send fire to the plug when the kill switch is pressed. He has replaced the coil, the ignition module and the harness..same thing, it will only send fire with the kill switch held down. Anyone have an idea what could cause this? Is it possible he had a bad module and actually got a second bad module? Nothing else makes sense to me.
  11. I guess I was lucky because mine actually starts better after the new pin install, especially cold. Have no idea why, it shouldn't, but it does. Sorry yours is different.
  12. I wasn't bashing your view Dogger, just disagreeing and stating my experience. My experience with Factory Connection over the last 15 years isn't the same as yours, none of my buds are 'C' or cruise around the track kind of riders, nor have they bought works stuff from FC. For example, my buddy Nick Moomaw won the +35 A class at the Glen Helen Vet Nat's on Factory Connection revalved/resprung stock pieces...he is super fast, and his valving is not mush. I don't know why your experience turned out like it did, but I had many years of great service from them before I bought works stuff, and I know tons of fast guys that prefer their work over all the other companies they've tried, as I do. But these guys are serious racers, know what they want, and maybe communicate that to FC better than some of the people who's suspension you have reworked. I don't know, but I do know I've ridden almost everything except MB1 over 15 years and I have always preferred FC's setups.
  13. mxaddict

    Tall riders on 09 crf450?

    Haha! Yeah, I know...these bikes aren't built for NBA size guys.
  14. mxaddict

    Tall riders on 09 crf450?

    I'm about 200, and the stock shock spring is fine, but the fork springs are too soft...48's would be better in the KYB forks. I'm running .47's in the showa forks I have on my '09 now.
  15. mxaddict

    09 CRF 450 power progress

    Any ideas to regain that 4500-6000 rpm torque?