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  1. Hendricus

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    You are right. We don't want to, or can't, lose the block turn. The 180 degree turns in supercross are key to passing on these tracks. Coop charged on Ken hard in the whoops section. Ken gave it all he had to beat Coop in the whoops. So far so good. Then the mistake. Ken did not protect the corner. He went WAY to high in that corner. You cannot do that. You set yourself up for a block turn from the likes of Webb. Earlier in the race someone was pushing on Cooper. He protected a 180 corner beautifully. Recall last year when Coop passed Ken, and Ken retaliated, and it backfired on him. Arm injury #2. My memory holds that Coops pass was aggressive, maybe overly. But I could be wrong about this. But that's the art of all of this right? There's aggressive and brilliant. And beyond a thin line is "overly aggressive." Beyond that is "dick move" aka "blatant take out move". All of this is the stuff that makes it interesting.
  2. Hendricus

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    Don't you think that the NFL needed cleaning up? I think football is a terrific game. I think it plays really well too, with tighter contact rules.
  3. Hendricus

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    Also, playing revenge in MX/SX gets you absolutely nowhere! Bowers could be five guys faster this year, if he went on an Aldon type program. Speaking strictly from what Webb is displaying this year.
  4. Hendricus

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    I think they chose this pic for the very reason to show off his collarbone. We all noticed it. I'm sure his family and friends noticed it too.
  5. Hendricus

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    Seems like the big story here is whether or not the officials are biased or not. We know officials miss calls. This becomes a discussion in every ball sport. Missed calls is one thing. Bias, favoritism, and conspiracy is another. Bias and conspiracy is the juiciest and most interesting story. Where's Gary Bowman? Gary, we need your opinion. Is the AMA and the event officiating out of line? Personally, I think block passing, and certainly "take out" passing, should be discouraged, even penalized. Webb's pass on Roczen was taken to the absolute edge. In that sense it was a brilliant move. But if Ken would have gone down, I think I would have called it as overly aggressive. I doubt I would have classified it as worthy of penalty. But had Ken gone down, as a fan I would regard Cooper as overly aggressive. Cooper is rising fast. He's bound to piss off some vets this year. And boy oh boy, it's going to be hard not to punt Copper given the opportunity. That's what I thought. Not much of an explanation either.
  6. Just guessing, what year will Fork be on 450's?
  7. I think both Ken and Marv are growing up. They are learning to play the long game, even the career game. Ken has definitely grown up, since his time outs. He said mature stuff at the beginning of the season. He knows he loves racing, and he's stoked to have another season to compete. He knows it's a privilege that could be taken from you in flash. I also think that Ken and Marv know that drama and complaining get you nowhere. Ken and Marv are of the elite top four. Not #1, but they are having great seasons. Plus, they are super close in points. Yes, Coop is fastest, but is Coop as rock solid as these two? And Tomac? I sure hope he can hang in there. Tonight was essentially a train wreck.
  8. Cooper's pass on Marvin was textbook clean. I think people like a clean racing champion over a dirty racer. It will help Coop's popularity if he can get a reputation as a clean racer. He's definitely hot right now. The Baker plan seems to work for Coop. It was said in the broadcast that Coop has lost 15 lbs on the Baker Plan. He weighs a whooping 135 lbs now! Dang! Re Coop's pass on Ken, Coop came awfully high on Ken. But honestly, it was text book perfect for an intimidation move. The move was stamped "approved" when Ken did not complain about it. Ken not complaining was good sportsmanship. Ken will get his win next week. I'm definitely pulling for him now.
  9. This is the most plausible explanation for tonight. He definitely shut 'er down after the get off. Tomac has to be bummed. Marv and Ken know that Coop is fastest man this year, but they are keeping it close in the points. Kenny will get motivated. So will Marv. Kenny only lost by a fraction of a second. If Ken could have protected the inside of that last turn, he would have won. Also, I think Marv and Ken are both fast enough to do what Cooper did tonight, which was to ride from 7th to 2nd.
  10. Hendricus

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    Webb certainly was not in the equation that everybody thought was going to be the battle for the 2019 season. This was supposed to be a battle between Tomac and Roczen. Tomac either got injured tonight, or the bike got hurt somehow. If I had to guess, I'd guess Tomac got injured.
  11. Hendricus


    Nice! You had to work on this one.
  12. Hendricus

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    Sorry I missed your post re Romo. We are in agreement on this. Also, calling a sx/mx race is different than football or baseball. There is a lot of no action time in football and baseball. This gives the commentators more time to add color. Calling sx/mx is more like calling basketball. It's probably even worse though. SX is more random. The commentator could be bragging about how well a guy is riding, and then he goes down. Take Bagget going down last week. He was riding fine. I think he was in third. Maybe what RC could have done would be to work the replay a little more. Maybe RC could have shown us with some slo-mo how Bagget missed the drive on his launch. But it's not easy. It's constant action and it's moving fast. There really is very little time to say much. In ball sports too, sometimes the commentators sound like they are doing a radio broadcast. They describe everything you are watching. I'm just yacking. I really don't know what RC could do to make himself special at this. As I've said, he's close enough for me. I don't agree with Bryan's Russian Chick and her harsh criticism of RC, but mission accomplished - she did stir some TT traffic.
  13. Hendricus

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    Love it! Not a troll but Bryan's Russian chick. [emoji23]
  14. Hendricus

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    I don't know their names, but the technical detailed commentator for the Superbowl was pretty good. For baseball Aaron Boone is my favorite. He sees every pitch. I'm usually fine with the basic "get the job done" commentators, but when one these really good guys shows up, it is a treat. I don't think SX or MX has ever had a really good commentator. Ricky needs to talk more about what is likely going on in the riders heads. The in race strategy stuff. Not just pointing out the obvious pass or the bobble.
  15. Hendricus

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    Haha that's who we need in the both is Alex Martin. Alex in the both for the west races, and Adam C in the booth for the east races. Ricky is doing a fine job. How much color commentary are you looking for? He's the goat. It's cool we've got him in there at all. Tom Brady is another goat that is not the greatest word-smith either. I think we think that goats can, or should be able to, articulate with words what we watch them do. But they often cannot. They obviously develop and refine a skill that fans love to watch. Now ask them to describe it with words, and it's underwhelming. Clayton Kershaw is another one.