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  1. Haydendurbo

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    Please try and not get too wet in the genital area hahah
  2. Haydendurbo

    250f to 250 2T

    Alright thanks man, where abouts and how much is the flywheel
  3. Haydendurbo

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    2007ktm 125sx Before After-2 years later
  4. Haydendurbo

    250f to 250 2T

    Ok guys so I bought a 2010 yz250f, but I am a 2t guy at heart , but the the f was fun with all that limiter bouncing and shit hehe Anyways 3 weeks after buying It I sold it in the case of wanting to buy a yz250 2 stroke, just because well I love a lightweight 2 thrasher Id say I'm an intermediate rider who was on a 125sx before the yzf Anyways I'm wondering if the 250 2t will be too much , as I still want to be able to ride it how there supposed to be, and not like a person who just buys it could there lazy and won't more power I'm 5ft10 and I'm about 160pouds I'm writing this asking if you guys think this thing will be too much for me , cheers
  5. Haydendurbo

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    07 125sx, never the same after the rebuild?
  6. Haydendurbo

    how many until you found the one?

    07 ktm 125sx , hard as bmx forks in the suspension area, tuned to my weight and speed and still a tiny bit hard but bare able, blew it up, rebuilt it, was never the same, no power, no over rev , had a yz85, loved it, in the process of buying a 10" yz250f se with 32 hrs!!!!! , rides a mates 12" 250f , most reliable and fun bike I think I ever rode Yamaha, they know how to push the button
  7. Haydendurbo

    Stolen Dirt Bikes US

    Did you make a YouTube video about this bike man, I think I saw it once haha, sickest 250!!
  8. Haydendurbo

    Would you buy another?

    I had a xr80, rm80(too big at the time, sold it off even though my uncle bought if for me haha) a yz85, a ktm 125sx which I just sold, faulted too many times after a full 1500$ rebuild, and am now currently in the process of buying a 2010 yz250f, my 85 never faulted me, even with a stripped crank bolt, can't see why the 250f would be any less of a bulletproof rock as my 85 was !!
  9. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    I wasn't able to find the FAQ part Do u have a link
  10. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    Ok but I still can't seem to get why it wouldn't run after the rebuild, but ran fine before the rebuild on the jetting that is in it now
  11. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    Ok Check all elec connection are tight Check that timing is set correctly Clean carb Check powervalve operation Clean carby Put 185 in from stock 188, put clip on 1 instead of 2 Replace spark plug after top and bottom rebuil (approx 3ish hrs ago) Try with power socket unplugged None of those things have worked soo fat
  12. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    How do u check and adjust float height
  13. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    Well I checked all connections to do with electrical and still the same, I even tried to unplug that power mellow socket, didn't do anything , I'm stuck,maybe it yz125 time
  14. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    sOk thanks mate, I'll check it out tonight, geese I hope it works, because I don't wanna spend $$ on a shop doing it, or having to get a change to a yz125, could adjusting the airscrew and pilot fix it like the other guy said??
  15. Haydendurbo

    &%$#@! you 125sx-still no power

    Thanks for this, I'll give it a try this arvo after school