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  1. Chipstien

    Suggestions on backpacking tents for the NW?

    Well maybe not ballistic. Though if it was a cockroach..... yeah, ballistic. Yuck!
  2. Chipstien

    Suggestions on backpacking tents for the NW?

    Not sure I could do a full on tarp. I'd probably go ballistic if I woke to a bug in my bag. I was referring to http://www.tarptent.com/stratospire2.html
  3. So I am new to the backpacking scene and could use help deciding on a tent. I am currently leaning towards Tarptent. Seems they have a strong following and the weight/quality/price certainly seems great. About the only downside owners have said so far are that they are more drafty than others. Anyone have experience with these? Looking at the Double Rainbow, Double Moment, and Scarp 2. Obviously the Scarp 2 is rated as a 4 season tent versus the other 2 being 3 season. Looking for feedback. And wouldn't mind other suggestions if you have them. I like these because of the weight, (the Double Rainbow is 41oz.) I know this is a little off topic but I'm looking for feedback from fellow pacific north westerners. Thanks!
  4. Chipstien

    Need riding spot suggestions for Saturday.

    woah. So where do you stage?
  5. Chipstien

    Need riding spot suggestions for Saturday.

    Vedder mtn may not work though as I suspect my son left his passport in NY and he would need military orders with his military id to get back into the US if my memory is correct with the new border rules.
  6. My son has been on leave for the month but his stay is up and tomorrow will be his last day riding. He wants to ride some single track but this time of year the options are limited. Capital is closed, Tahuya is overrun, we rode Walker yesterday and Mattawa last week. I'd love to take him to Taneum since it is legally open but it is extremely questionable how high we could even get before snow got impassable and that isn't even taking into consideration blowdowns. Assuming GP is either closed or follows the same April 1st to spring thaw closure schedule as Taneum. Either way is probably going to be either snowed in or excessive blowdowns. So I am at a lost. Being as I have been away from the game for several years I'm hoping maybe some new trail systems popped up. If not, anyone have suggestions for some gnarly trail systems. Even willing to drive to Spokane or possibly even Oregon for the right stuff. What is out there? Thanks.
  7. Chipstien

    Taneum junction?

    No worries. Definitely enjoy your time with Tory.
  8. Chipstien

    tubeliss for the D100?

    However, the most common type of flat is a pinch flat. This is not a issue with the Nuetech. I'm sold on the TU Bliss but admittedly I only have a few rides on it. But at 4 psi I had no issue in the rock gardens and I couldn't keep the front end of my 380 on the ground.
  9. Chipstien

    Taneum junction?

    I'm definitely down. My son has been on leave for the last month but this is his last week home. I'd be up for something the following weekend.
  10. Chipstien

    GPS Options, Smartphones etc

    So what maps need to be purchased for back country navigator? I want to be able to use this for everything from Walker valley, taneum, tahuya, to capital forest. Thanks.
  11. Chipstien

    Taneum junction?

    Its great to so so many familiar names still riding strong. Tony, I was just at Mattawa again on Thursday and it was gorgeous sunny skies and not another soul. Have to say it feels good to ride again. Pat, how ya been buddy? Its been too long.
  12. Chipstien

    Walker valley

    Are the trails clear? I was planning on taking my son on Thursday to Walker Valley.
  13. Chipstien

    Taneum junction?

    So the forest service website says Taneum Junction opens from May to June depending on snow melt. However, being that they don't specify a actual date I am guessing it is solely dependant on the snow itself. On the way to Mattawa on Sunday I noticed the was no snow on Snoqualmie and Crystal Mtn has now closed due to lack of snow. So it has me wondering if Taneum is remotely accessible right now. Probably a long shot but stranger things have happened. Anyone been near the Junction recently?
  14. Chipstien

    2007 cr250 2t or 2008 kx450

    I may be out of line answering since I been out of the loop for 4 years and am just getting back into dirt biking however I will put my two cents in. Comparing 2 strokes to 4 strokes in terms of maintenance is a one sided affair with the 2 stroke on top. Rebuilding a 2 stroke is as easy as slapping a new piston in and replacing a couple gaskets. Can be done for about 200 bones. Sure there are other wear parts such as powervalves but with regular cleaning and maintenance those are not a "change with every piston" part. A 4 stroke on the other hand is WAAAAAAY above and beyond that depending on what you need to replace. Used to be in the days of the ole XR's of the 90's that they would last forever though and were practically indestructable. But with today's racing motors this is most definately not the case. So if maintenance costs are the driving factor in the bike you choose then this is a no brainer and 2 strokes should be at the top of your list. However while repair costs are important, riding style and terrain plays important roles in determining your next bike. My suggestion is have one of each.
  15. Chipstien

    How to lower an XR80.....

    My daughter is ready to move up from her XR50 and we would like to see her go right to my sons XR 80. However she is just a little short for it right now. Is there anything I can do to lower the 80. I would imagine I can slide the forks up in the TC but the rear leaves a little more of a mystery. Any suggestions?