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  1. Nucular, Trailer looks sano, in my book, less is more. Got a source for the orange chain tensioners you’re using on your bike tie-downs? I’m going that route as well, thx!
  2. Try Brown’s Cycles in Paso Robles. I bought one from them and they’re over 3 hrs one way from me, but David there really knows Betas. Like others have said, valve checks are not a big deal.
  3. JW1

    Onan 4k onboard gennies

    Helen, I run my Onan 2500LP about an average of 2 hrs @ month, but that is probably lower than the norm. Hours used depends a lot on how the RV is setup. Our Truck Camper has a 12V TV/DVD setup, so if the wifey wants to watch a movie, no genset needed. Also, we use the bumper mounted BBQ or stove/oven inside so again, no genset needed. My buddy has a 5th wheel and their genset runs constantly to power their TV/DVD, microwave, hair dryer, etc... Another variable is the fact that I have a 150W solar panel on the roof of our TC, plus a 100W suitcase I can deploy if needed, which also cuts down on genset run time. A lot of RV owners keep fairly detailed records on their stuff, so hopefully the ones you look at have maintenance detailed. Any Onan will be noisy, but most I’ve seen are very reliable and ours has never failed us.
  4. My vote is go for the extra height as the difference in gas mileage of a 6” or so shorter trailer will be minimal. I looked everywhere for an extra height trailer for my needs and ended up placing a custom order that took almost 5 months to get. Needs change and you might want to haul a SXS sooner than you expect or decide to build it out with bunks and need the extra height. Resale may or may not be of concern, but I had no luck finding a tall 7x12 to fit my needs so I went the custom route. Good luck with your search.
  5. Since I have a non EFI bike, I guess low battery issues are less of a concern to me, but I did have one die on me on the trail and resorted to the trusty kick starter. Not the thing a guy wants to do after a day of trail riding, 15 miles from the truck and temps near 100, but it started first kick so all was good. I'm wanting to run heated gloves, but am convinced my 2014 520RS won't have enough juice to also run a 90W jacket. My question, specifically to Danketchpel is , with your heated gear running directly from the battery, did you take any precautions other than fusing the hot lead?
  6. After a couple of tries with different dealers, I ended up with Brown’s Cycle in Paso Robles, Ca., which is a 3 1/2 hr. drive one way. A few times prior to contacting Brown’s, I dealt with Tim at Am Beta, who gave quick responses and action to my requests. ( one issue I contacted Tim about was unknowingly self induced, but he helped out and no malice when we figured out the problem was me). David at Brown’s is very responsive to any request and is very knowledgeable about Betas and worth the drive if I can’t fix it myself. http://brownscyclesonline.com/
  7. JW1

    125 RR-S Jetting (4 stroke)

    Random stoppage issue apparently due to fuel starvation, has been solved (hopefully). I removed the gas cap one way valve assembly from the gas cap and rode 28 trouble free miles today. I'm fairly sure the issue was the fuel tank not properly venting that was causing the problem. Good to be able to fix the issue in 5 minutes only using a pair of Channel Lock pliers.
  8. JW1

    125 RR-S Jetting (4 stroke)

    Thanks for the above replies. I ended up installing a #130 main & a #38 pilot jet, plus a .05mm washer under the needle. Also installed a 13T countershaft sprocket, which helped the low end, but as expected, top speed is down. Bike seems stronger as per the butt dyno, but bike has an intermintent issue that I thought was going to be cured with a carb cleaning, but it was not to be. Prior to pulling the carb, riding the bike (42 miles total) at 45-50, I was trying to get it up to speed to compare acceleration before/after the jetting change. After about 3 miles of hills the bike just flat quit running about 45 mph and wouldn’t restart. Finally after about 5 minutes of trying to start it, the engine lit, but would only idle and die with any throttle application. Figured it was a plugged jet and finally had to push the fussy little Italian princess home. (Note to self, NEVER take a bike for a ride without my cell phone, even a brand new one!) Pulled carb, cleaned out what I thought was some crap in the jets, did the mods noted above and test rode it. It ran better, but the same issue reoccurred. At about 50 mph and 5 miles into the ride, it quit again. No sputtering like fuel starvation, just up and quit like the kill switch was punched, leading me to think the problem is electrical. Pulled the tank, checked all the connectors and put a multi meter on the coil and plug lead. I measured the coil primary and secondary resistance and here's what I got. Primary Coil Resistance Spec 2.16-2.64 Ohms @ 68 degrees Measured. 0.7 Ohms @ 64 degrees Secondary Coil Resistance Spec 8.64-12.96K Ohms @ 68 degrees Measured 12.91K Ohms @ 64 degrees In researching the problem, I ran across coil issues similar to this appearing after the bike is warmed up. Anyone want to confirm my suspicion of a faulty coil or is do you have a better guess? Yes, the bike is still under warranty, but the nearest dealer that I’m comfortable with working on it is 3+ hours away, so if I can fix it, I’m time & money ahead saving the transport to/from,if I can fix it myself.
  9. JW1

    Beta 125 enduro street legal ... mods?

    Strange, on my wife’s bike (2018) I easily got the carb off for rejetting without even messing with the subframe or muffler, but maybe there is a difference between the 2017 & 2018. After the black emissions box was out of the way, the carb was easily removed/installed with little drama. I pinched the airbox throat to give myself a little extra room, but no other stuff needed to be moved. One word of caution, somehow during assembly prior to us taking possession of the bike, the accelerator pump boot retaining clip got wedged in the rear carb hose clamp worm gear. It was difficult to see, but after a few turns while loosening the hose clamp, the boot clip was trashed making it unusable. Beta dealers didn’t have any idea where to get a replacement clip, but Ace Hardware sells very small snap rings that worked great as a replacement.
  10. Question for those of you with a stock 125 RR-S: what main jet are you running? I understand there were two different carbs used and about mid-2018 I believe Beta switched to the Keihin CVK 30mm, which is on my wife's 2018 125RR-S. The stock main jet is a 122 and wanting to know what success you guys have had regarding jet changes with a stock exhaust still on the bike. I have the exhaust baffle removed and will be putting a 13T front sprocket on, but need to know what size of main jet to increase to. I've read owners with the 180cc kit have upped the main jet size to a 155, but I don't plan on a big bore kit, at least for the foreseeable future. Thinking I'd read somewhere guys were using a 145, but any suggestions would be appreciated. I might add my particular application will be from 1200 to 6000 MSL.
  11. You guys want to share which skid plate you got? My 5’2” Mrs. isn’t a hooligan (yet) but I can see a good sized rock flung by the front tire could be costly. Ideally it would have link protection, but not deal breaker if it didn’t have it. I tried this one Beta skid plate, but didn’t fit, mounting holes off by 1 1/2”. Regarding smog removal, I’ve only removed the difuser pipe, not much difference power wise except a bit more throaty sound which is fine in my book. Hoping the rest of the emissions equipment will “fall” off, but will probably wait for surfer-dudes upcoming tutorial. Great little bike for the wife, which the lowering kit and Seat Concepts seat help her to touch both feet, but not flat footed. Steering stops are restrictive, power is low (imho), but I’m riding a 520RS and live for 3rd gear power wheelies, so what do I know? I should clarify that the bike isn’t broken in yet with less than 100 miles on the clock, so maybe it’ll loosen up and produce a little more grunt later on. For her the bike is fine and the plate allows her the flexibility to street ride it, plus I get a great little pit bike when I want one.
  12. JW1

    Perfect womans bike? You decide...

    Great, that’s just great. My wife of 40 years is getting back into riding so we got her a 125RR-S to do dirt roads and mild trails with. I was reading this thread to her, paraphrasing comments about wives/GF riding this or that and then I see 11 screws and a plate mentioned, ouch! I’m going to skip mentioning this one to her....... For some meaningful thread content on topic, her 125 has the factory lowering kit installed and a low Seat Concepts seat that is at 34”. She’s 5’2” and still has to tip toe the bike.
  13. WT, Are you running the stock length front brake line or aftermarket? If aftermarket, which brand and length? I have 3/4” bar risers and the front brake line really needs to be a few inches longer. Finally getting another set of Flexx bars as the wrists/hands can’t take the beating they used to.
  14. JW1

    New speedo relocation bracket!

    Nice work! Question, does every garage in the Great White North come with a drain installed? I want one, looks like cleaning the garage would be a 2 minute deal.
  15. JW1

    Trials Crosstraining

    I agree. My 04’ Beta Rev-3 (270cc) started everytime, usually on the first kick, with no drama, or herculean effort. Being as it was my first 2 stroke bike in 50 years of riding dirt bikes, I was a bit apprehensive about reliability. Those concerns were unfounded as it was a great handling, easily started, torquey bike. Had to sell it due to failing wrists and at 6’1” w/ @ 36” inseam, too much weight on the wrists along with constant clutch manipulation did me in. Sure do miss that bike as I learned a lot riding trials, but it has made a difference in trail riding my 520RS.