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  1. myjeepsucks

    2019 Ktm 300 xc Fmf or procircuit pipe

    I ended up with the sxs pipe on my 300. I love it
  2. myjeepsucks

    KTM OEM exhaust VS Aftermarket?

    I ended up with a fmf sxs pipe for my 300xcw. Definitely gave me alot more mid to top end. I noticed a little less on the bottom now, but not enough to really matter
  3. myjeepsucks

    seperated ac 1year later?

    Put my 300 down and sperated my ac about a year ago. 3months later blew a corner in some shale and got the other shoulder. Same pain in the same spots just not as bad as the first time. So i didnt get it checked out. Now about a year later i cant sleep on one of the shoulders. And after 2 days of single track it is ice packs on both shoulders and rum till its numb! Am i stuck with this or s there steps i can take to fix.this?