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  1. I think the title says it all What is the difference in these bikes? A bit of weight yes....but other than that? Targeted riding? Engine? Suspension? Frame? Thanks a lot Jussi
  2. Thanks guys I know it's kinda stupid to ask something like this but I wanted someone to confirm my own opinions which is rather unexperienced on dirt....a lots of DS hrs though Jussi
  3. Howdy, I am trying to pick up a good all around bike, one that could do a bit of MX but 70% trails...maybe a bit of enduro. I have theree to choose from and I'd like to get some vise words from you guys 1996 KTM E/XC 300 - Low hrs, Scotts steering damper etc...cheap 2002 KTM SX 400 - Used quite a bit, raced in TCCRA intermediate, upgraded rims, Scotts steering damper, pipe etc. top end rebuilt 15 hrs ago... 2002 KTM M/XC 400 - About 20 hrs, nice extras (tanks, protection) Price vice these go up in the order...So shoot it I am not too fancy about the two stroker (it does not have fresh oil lubing, does it?)..however it is about $1000 cheaper than other options. The second one is surely tricked out and has money on it....rebuilt top end (cams) makes me think. Opinions, please Jussi
  4. How does it come off? I have the nut and washer away from the left side? Do I just bang it out with something or what? The lock and adjuster come to the picture later, right? Help!! THX Jussi
  5. More stupid questions from XR650R newbie...I want to make sure that the swing arm bearings are greased properly. There doesn't seem to be a grease nibble anywhere. I went through some web sites and quick resolutions seems to be that I have to the swing arm from the bike to do this (which doesn't seem to be a simple operation ) Tell me it is not so...is there a way to grease the swing arm bearings easily...please please ;-) JusV
  6. Hi, I just picked up my first XR650R, a 2000 model. It's been ridden but seems to be in average to good condition. It put the bike to a lift just to check things out. The rear wheel seems heavy to turn around. The brake pads are dragging and it makes some of it. But but...if I take a grip on the rim and twist to rear tire, there's some looseness, I'd say maybe 1/16 inch (or 1 to 2mm) back there. Is this something to be concerned about? If the bearing is needing replacement, how often this happens? The previous owner estimated the bike to have around 1800 miles on it. He used to race so I know he's been riding it...but the bike has a lots of upgrades and seems to be well taken care of. It has not been raced, that I am pretty sure of. How tricky or tough job it is to replace bearings? The service manual gives some special tools to be used, can I live without? Any suggestions? Or should I take the rear wheel just to shop and have them do it. I have the bearings. All the help is highly appreciated. THX, JusVFR '99 VFR '02 VFR '00 KLR650 (for sale in Texas) '00 XR650R (soon to be DS)