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    valve shim problems

    Totally up to you if you want to go stainless if it was me i would ring or email wmr or take a look at there web site www.wmr.com
  2. Bradgraham

    valve shim problems

    What you have to do is take your seat and tank of your bike then the valve and cam cover next you you find top dead centre be carefull make sure your not 180 out next lossen the cam chain take the cams out, use a telescopic magnet and pull the buckets on top of the valve springs out of there cups. Be carefull as the shim sticks to the underside of the bucket and you dont want to drop it into the engine ,There is a number writen on the shim which is the thickness of the shim next you have to calculate what size shim you go to give you the correct clearance remembering the shim to replace is thinner cause the valve is cupping into the head. In other words if you have zero clearance on the one intake you will need a shim roughley .008 to .009 thinner o get your clearence back Also i know the owners manual says .006 for the intakes set all your valves the same as the exhaust unless you race you wont notice the difference in power dont believe me try it here is a plus you get more ride time between shimming So take your time remember where the buckets came out put them back in on the same valve dont swap them around and if you have a owners manual it has a good detailed diagram for when you put the cams back in and set the timming Good luck
  3. Bradgraham

    R.I.P. dirtmachine...

    Does everyone have to keep going on about dirtmachine get over it this is a forum for the 4 banger
  4. Bradgraham

    who is banned

    What is all this about people
  5. Bradgraham

    someone plz

    Thanks guys for your help
  6. Bradgraham

    The valve fix... I hope

    sorry about that hey but who is hard hat to get on here and talk like that does anyone know dirtmachine and how old he is and hard hat talks like that to him cmon be fair if you know a thing or two you dont have to be a smart ass about it iv never seen dirtmachine be a smart ass once except give good info about these bikes
  7. Bradgraham

    someone plz

    Thanks scott i also have been trying ktmtalk with no luck people arent scared of new people are they
  8. Bradgraham

    someone plz

    Nobody answered me on how long do the ti valves last in a 04 ktm 450 sx plz plz there has to be someone out there with an sx lol :cry:
  9. Bradgraham

    The valve fix... I hope

    Dirt machine that hard hat is a pro dude now im realy laughing for a start the way he types and what he says he must be gay keep kickin ass dirt dont let anyone knock u especially your wife (lol)
  10. Bradgraham

    valve question

    Just wondering what sort of valves the 04 KTM 450 weather there steel or ti if they are ti how do they go for wear and long can you expect them to last for thinking of buying an 04 ktm 450 runout last 3 in shop thanks
  11. Bradgraham

    For you WMR (PLZ READ)

    this is for the guys at wmr which i see pops up now and again in this forum did you get my email my address is borderlinemfg@austarnet.com.au like tex im keen as to do the swap to stainless valves as im off my bike for maybe 4 weeks with a torn ham-string its a good time to do it seeya
  12. Bradgraham

    New bike questions?

    uncle gb to start with these are great bikes forks and shock great for the average weight rider might need a little work if he is going to race only problem is valves but im sure if you go through this forum which i think you have you will get a good idea on them.
  13. Bradgraham

    Stainless Steel Valves: First Ride!

    awesome to hear tex i realy cant see you having dramas now keep us posted
  14. Bradgraham

    aussie man happy

    just wanted to let everyone in hear know that my bike is running sweet now with the help from you guys and you know who you are only one problem come off today and tore my ham-string just love the power of the kx 250f cant wait to get back on thanks again
  15. Bradgraham

    Tricks to prime the oil pump?

    Texlabo dood cant wait for your feed back be very interesting and hopefully it will shut some critics up good luck