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  1. ChrisP11

    Now What?! Case failure 2007 DRZ400S

    Thanks for all the great feedback! I think I might give the JB weld option a shot. I assume since I am trying to permanently seal the drain hole I just need to come up with a solution that doesn't leak. I'm thinking I can coat the drain plug in JB, screw it back in place, then try to attach the piece that broke off. Maybe with a generous coating of JB it will not leak, I'm just not sure how constant vibration might affect this over time. My biggest fear is this eventually failing out in the middle of nowhere, but I guess that is always a possibility for anything.
  2. When changing the oil on my 2007 DRZ 400S, I inserted the drain plug and noticed it leaking after starting the engine. The edge of the case around the drain plug basically chipped off (see my pics). My question, is I know I'll need a new case, but I'm trying to identify the proper one. Rocky Mountain shows an OEM K5 and K6. Does anyone know which one I have? Also, there are a few on Ebay for different years DRZs that are quite a bit cheaper than OEM. Does anyone know if other year models might work? Has this happened to anyone else? I can't believe how brittle and thin that material around the drain plug is. Any advice would be much appreciated. I want to get this bike back running to make a 2-3 day camping trip in a couple of weeks. Thanks
  3. ChrisP11

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    That's too bad. I was almost left stranded when I thought I had plenty of gas. When I installed my Clarke, I just used the petcock off my stock tank. Should I have changed over to the manual one?
  4. ChrisP11

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    I have a similar question, that I think this thread somewhat address... I put the Clarke tank on my bike, but I still see so much gas in the "wings" of the tank when I have to switch to reserve. Seems to be a waste to haul all this extra gas around if I can't use it. Is this something the upgraded petcock would fix?
  5. Hey guys, Hoping to find some advice on how to get off the line faster in these dead engine start hare scrambles. I ride a 2011 350 sxf with electric start, and my starts are slower than when I just had to kick. I'm starting in neutral, and when I hit the button, it seems to take 2-4 turns of the engine before it fires up. By that time, I'm starting near the back of the pack. I make sure the bike is warm, so I know it's not that. Someone was trying to tell me about TDC, but I'm not sure exactly where that is or how I should get there. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. ChrisP11

    Music while riding .

    How do they fit with a helmet? Would they work with a neck brace?
  7. ChrisP11

    Sumter, SC places to ride?

    Hi all, I may be relocating to Sumter, and just wondering if there are any good ride spots. Mostly ride trails and hare scrambles, but any track info would be appreciated as well. I know nothing about the area. Thanks
  8. Hi all, As a new owner of a 2011 350 sxf, I wanted you guys opinion on the best battery, especially for cold weather starting. I jumped on the bike this past weekend, and the stock battery wouldn't fire when it was about 25 degrees. I also want to cut the weight. I ordered a Shorai, but I've heard good things about Antigravity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. ChrisP11

    Music while riding .

    I love to listen to music when I ride trails. Finding a good set of ear buds is a challenge though. I'd like to see what you guys use that will stay put and be comfortable under a helmet?
  10. ChrisP11

    2011 350 SXF Weight ideas

    I'm a steadily improving c class rider. Only been riding about 2 years. I've been told moving from my 250 sx 2 stroke to this 350 4 stroke will help me out a lot. In the hare scrambles I raced, it seemed the four stroke guys had an easier time of it than I did. The 250 is light, but with all that power on tap and the delivery of a 2 stroke, it was all over the place. Experienced riders have told me, the 4 stroke will help me smooth things out and it will track and turn better.
  11. ChrisP11

    2011 350 SXF Weight ideas

    Wow, didn't know I bought such a dog. Everyone I talked to said I'm see a big improvement just going from a 2 stroke to the 4 stroke. I also thought many of the top GNCC riders rode the 350. Oh well. I guess I could always go back to the SX.
  12. Hi All, Just bought a used 2011 KTM 350 SXF that I plan to use for hare scrambles. Bought from a pro class rider who was basically the same size as me, so suspension is already taken care of. I am comig off of a 2014 250 SX 2 stroke, which is about 20 lbs lighter. Looking for ideason how to make my SXF as light as possible. I'm gonna add an aluminum skid plate, so that puts on 3 more lbs (debated going with plastic at 1.5 lbs). I know I can swap batteries to save 2-3 lbs. Any ideas on how I can cut some more weight? I know there is only so much that can be done, but I'm trying to get the same feel from the SXF as I had on the SX. Thanks
  13. ChrisP11

    Pinehurst area?

    May be moving to the pinehurst area? Any good tracks or off-road areas near there ? I know if uwharrie and windy hill. Anything else you guys could recommend?
  14. Setting up a moto sprinter van. Looking for some good ideas as to how to control and organize my tools? Want to minimize the rattling that I foresee once I load up the metal tool box I've mounted.