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  1. lumpy790

    2017 YZ450fx radiator cap issue

    100% correct. When working on the bike you topped off the radiator didnt you?
  2. They are all different. What you posted takes you to a section just for the smaller MC manufacturers.
  3. lumpy790

    glowing red head pipe

    I freaked out the 1st time my 1999 YZF did it to. Normal on all brands of race 4 strokes. HMMM.... I wonder if my KTM does it now too?
  4. Got to spend all day Monday installing product and shooting photos on my friend John’s 2018 YZ450F. He is a Yamaha rider and qualifies for Loretta Lynns just about every since 1982 and hauls ass! Got to talk a lot about the new design and he says it is SOOOO much better and he has played with the jetting with his phone using several different ones and has found one he likes. He always puts a full exhaust on and he is not sure about changing it but might just put on a lighter muffler. Stock Suspension is good and he literally even checked the sag yet. LOL
  5. lumpy790

    Dirt Bike Winter Storage Questions

    Im a little worried about the battery
  6. Some good Blast from the past on painting radiators
  7. lumpy790

    Dirt to Sumo swapping

    I had 2 different setups with different front rotor sizes and brackets and drastic different rear sprockets sizes and different chains. Made swapping pretty easy.
  8. I have looked at the silicone tape and it looked like it would work during an emergency one thing I would do is not put the cap on tight afterwords so it does not raise to pressure
  9. lumpy790

    2018 450 SX-F First Ride

    The handling with new frame is what motivated me to go to the 15.5 (1st with new frame) from my trusty YZF when a friend let me ride his 16 450 Husky. I have not been riding much but need to get down to Motivated. I am in York SC where are you from?
  10. My 15.5 450 Factory Edition has 4Cs forks so this is about them not the newer AER forks. I am just over 200lb and have the stock springs in it now. When I bought the bike it was revalved by PG for a 140lb A rider with softer springs. I thought fast light guy - old fat slow guy. He gave me the stock springs so I put them back in set the sag at 110 mm and went riding. I ended up backing the compression out a bunch of clicks and I am not un happy with them. That is why I am wondering what exactly people do not like about the 4CS forks. My riding back ground is I am an ex 80's Pro (qualified at my 1st 500 national at Red Bud in 1984) that got injured and retired and came back and curently am ranked as B rider although that makes no difference in the 50+ class. I am a smooth rider when my tongue isnt getting stuck in the front sprocket.
  11. lumpy790


    Mine are holding up well. Then again I always lube all pivot points with WD40 after washing
  12. I see lots of people saying the suspension sucks ... the suspension sucks ... the suspension sucks.... spacifically what dont you like about it? I bought my 15.5 450FE from a 140 lb A rider and PG had revalved the suspension and put in lighter springs. Since I am 220 LB I went back to the stock springs and set preload and started riding and changing the clickers. Ended up backing the compression out on the forks and they seem to work well for me. For reference I went to the KTM from a 2008 YZ450F with stock valving and heavier springs that worked really well. Again what spacifically do you not like with the stock KTM suspension? What did you try to change it besides just throwing $$$$$$ at it for cone forks?
  13. lumpy790

    2008 yz450f

    Very cool bike! Couple questions though. Why did you run the pipe like that instead of like stock? Why did you put that huge ATV radiator on it?
  14. lumpy790

    Rear Shock rebuild and some other issues

    The shock shaft should come back out on its own. When the shock compresses it reduces the volume available inside the shock (displaced by shaft volume) and pushes fluid into the reservoir compressing the shock bladder. My guess is who ever serviced it under filled the shock oil.
  15. lumpy790

    Coolant dumping out of the overflow?

    If it is doing it imediatly you have a blown head gasket.