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  1. ohioxr400

    used xr650r?

    The Ask dealership in Groveport has 2 of them both are 2002s. Its on Hoover rd which is off 71 just south of columbus
  2. My dad finally decided to get a replacement for his XR600R and I talked him into taking my WR426 and letting me trade in his XR600R on a CRF450R. What mods would be best for a large rider? ie some one between 6'3" to 6'5" and 265 to 280. Other the heavier springs, maybe re-valving or anything else? also how good is the stock gearing for trail riding, would it be better to put a bigger rear sprocket on the bike. BTW the bike is a brand new 2004 so I cant buy the 450X cause the 2004 was about 2 grand cheaper. thanks
  3. ohioxr400

    biggest rider youve ever seen?

    Most of the guys I ride with r over 250 Im 6'3" 265 my oldman is 6'5" 290 and his brother or my uncle is 6'1" and 325 my riding buddy who i alsp played football with in highschool is 6'1" and 330, but the biggest guy I ride with is my boss who is named Jumbo and is about 6'4" and prolly at least 400lbs and he rides a KTM300 2 stroke. My dad is on an xr 600 and my uncle and my buddy ride CR250s and I have a WR426. Theres a guy who owns the hotdog stand here in ohio at Wyane National forrest and hes gotta be pushing 500 lbs but he rides a quad.
  4. ohioxr400

    Smoking 440?

    I replaced the head gasket on my 98 xr440 with a new one that was the right size, but when I started it up to run it smoked more then my brothers RM250. I found that I left out the 2 metal sleaves that go on the cylinder head where it mates with the cylinder, does oil run through these? and if so with out them in place will oil leak into the cylinder causing lots of smoke? the bke runs great and makes alot of power so Im pretty sure its not oil getting past the rings. any info would be helpful thanks
  5. ohioxr400

    ? for Dwight

    U could try adding a spacer or shimming the .47s Im ur weight and I use .46 springs from race tech and they were a little soft but they came with a tube to cut spacers from, so I added a one inch shim to both forks and it seems alot stiffer then with out the spacer. It also makes the bike seat height like 38 inches if u crank the back seat up if ur a tall guy
  6. I have a front end and the rear shock from my xr400 sitting in the top of my garage, was wondering if it would fit on a crf230?
  7. ohioxr400

    250 2-stroke recommendations

    My brother has an 2004 RM250 he just bought like a month ago he but a FMF fatty pipe on it and leaned out the jetting and changed the sprokets so it is geared alot lower and it kick a$$ to ride its sweet on trails and hill climbs and still rips on the track. It will out run my Wr426 in a drag race till about 60 and it has a lot more power then my old 98 cr250. All the two stroke my brothers and my dad and I have had have never had any realibity problems. Just make sure u change the plus every couple rides and keep the air filter clean. I love 4 strokes but every once and while its fun as hell to jump on my brothes old RM125 or my old CR250 and go crazy.
  8. ohioxr400

    Engine Drag?

    Ok well after a couple of ride on my new Xr440 I have noticed two things, one being what feels like alot more engine drag the second being a sudden loss in part of the compression stroke. If the bike is off and in first of second gear the back tire will not spin even if u shut the bike off going down hill, it just locks up. It does not have the jerky feeling of compression braking or engine braking ti actually feels like the brakes or being applyed or the transmission is dragging. The loss in compression occurs during kickstarting and has made starting the bike a [@#$%&*!]. it begins to build pressure but when the piston gets close to top dead center on the compression stroke it feels as if it has a slow leak. Im thinking its a blown or damaged head gasket or a bad valve guide ( recently replaced valves and springs and thinking of now having to get a complete valve job done) also does the 440 kit require a special size head gasket because when i got the parts from my local dealer the gasket was exactly the same size as my old 416 gasket, was thinking it may need a bigger gasket and the diffrence in size is causeing the leak. Thanks
  9. In our garage we have 8 ( I have two brothers a mom and a dad and a girlfreind who all ride) 2002 Wr426- Mine 1998 XR440- Mine 1997 XR600- old mans 2004 RM-250 - my lil bros 2002 Rm- 125 - my even smaller bros 2003 crf230 - lil bro/girlfreinds 2001 400ex- my moms 1997 CR250 - my old bike which my freinds ride all paid for
  10. ohioxr400

    XR to WR

    yeah thats true
  11. ohioxr400

    XR to WR

    it depends how moded out ur xr is, if u put in a 12.5 to 1 compression 440 kit with a stage one hot cam it is pretty competitive with a 426 and the 440 will also make more tourque which is very important if the two people who r racing are 265lbs and 280 lbs (like in the case of my dad and I)
  12. I just finished putting new springs in the forks of my 02 WR426 and after the first ride decided they were really stiff for the trails but worked great on jumps. I would like to soften the suspension a little but do not want to soften it to much so that it bottoms alot of jumps. Im not really sure how to adjust the forks and would appriciate some help. The rear shock is also a heavier weight spring and it feels like some times it is trying to buck me off. Not so much on jumps but usally when riding fast on trials and going over small bumbs. I basiclly want to make hte suspension a comprimise i still want it to be stiff enought to take small jumps (less then 5 ft in the air) but also be able to ride aggresivley on trails and not be beat to death by a rock hard suspensions. BTW IM 6'4" and 265 in case that helps
  13. ohioxr400

    XR to WR

    My old mans Xr600 will beat my wr426 in a dragg race and my xr440 will keep up with the WR426 untill u get to about 65. But u know how it goes now one wants to say there bike is not as fast as some one elses( specifily when u compare a honda to yamaha) ps there both alot slower then my bros brand new RM250
  14. ohioxr400

    XR to WR

    My old mans Xr600 will beat my wr426 in a dragg race and my xr440 will keep up with the WR426 untill u get to about 65. But u know how it goes now one wants to say there bike is not as fast as some one elses( specifily when u compare a honda to yamaha)
  15. ohioxr400

    WR 450 horsepower

    my 02 wr426 got 41 with the free mods on my buds dyno so i guess the 450 would make a couple more then that