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    bikes have been a big thing for me pretty much my whole life, especially 2 strokes. I use to do road racing when I was young and handsome :) and in my mind there is nothing better than a 4cyl 500 cc 2stroke road race bike. The speed, the sound and the power delivery of those monsters was / is intoxicating ! My sons are now doing a bit of MX riding and I'm trying to keep them on 2 strokes as long as possible. Let's save the 2 stroke !

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  1. kauko40

    2002 cr125r cylinder head problem

    Get a phathead. It's the same basic design as VHM but lot cheaper. We have one on ours and my son has been very happy with it.
  2. kauko40

    CR Piston Monster

    What is your squish ? Looks like severe knocking.
  3. kauko40

    Mods for a stock 2004 CR125

    Set the squish, - 05 - 07 CR air boot, Vforce reeds and if the top end is in bad condition you might wanna consider bigger bore. We made our - 02 CR to 134 cc and what a difference it made. It still rings out like a 125 but it has way more oomph out of corners.
  4. kauko40

    2001 cr125 top end bog need help!

    Bog is usually a sign of too lean. MJ affects the afr only at wide open throttle so if you have a problem on lower (mid) rpm's that is the needle. In your case it looks to me that your jetting is in the right ballpark but the needle seems to be too high. Are you running with stock needle by the way ? If you are, try to set that on the 3rd (middle) position and adjust the air screw. We tried JD's needles on our bikes and those didn't work at all. It was always too lean and had a huge bog. From personal experiense I can tell that the air screw has to be adjusted often. Sometimes we have to re-adjust it twice a day.
  5. kauko40

    Best aftermarkets for an 03 Cr125

    Make sure your top end is in good condition, set the squish to 0,8mm - 0,9mm, Vforce reeds, correct jetting, good exhaust system, - 05 to -07 CR 125 air boot and shorter the gearing by one or two teeth in the rear.
  6. kauko40

    2001 cr 125 won't start

    Check the jetting and compare it to what pro circuit has on their support page. Or if you have the Honda manual compare what it says. Did you measure the compression with wide open throttle ? Did you measure the squish band ? On our - 02 Cr the squish was way too big. It was 1,3mm and now we're running with 0,85mm. That transformed the whole bike and now it actually works
  7. kauko40

    2001 cr 125 won't start

    What's your jetting ? What about the exh valve. Is it working properly ?
  8. kauko40

    2001 cr 125 won't start

    There's no need for any kind of porting because of wiseco piston. You just need to be sure you have the correct size and make sure your squish is ok. Set your squish at 1mm.
  9. kauko40

    2001 cr 125 won't start

    Compression seems very low. Did you do it at WOT ? Are you sure you installed a right size piston ? Since they come in 0,01 mm increments. The other thing is the squish band. Have you measured it and if so , how much was it? Was the plug wet when you took it out ?
  10. kauko40

    2002 CR 125 Airboot upgrade to 2005-2007 Airboot ?

    We have one on our -02 and yes it is direct bolt on on the main air box and yes it helps. But you gotta remember to seal it properly on the air box and the other "issue" is that -03 up CR's use 38mm carrb. On your - 02 it's 36 mm so the boot is going to be "a little loose" on the carb, so make sure you have no leaks there either. We actually installed a 38 mm carb from an - 03 CR later on and that made it even better. It didn't loose anything on the bottom and it gained a lot on top.
  11. kauko40

    2002 Honda CR 125 jetting

    Every bike is different. You've done some modifications so you can't blindly trust the Honda manual anymore. We've done some modifications to our bike including 38 mm TMX from an -03 CR and -05 air boot and we're running 465 mj, 37,5 pj needle 2nd and the air screw we'll adust every time. Having said that, we're in Finland and close to sea level.
  12. kauko40

    01 CR 250 phathead

    I bought one for my sons -02 CR125 and we were very happy with the results.
  13. kauko40

    Tell me what I done wrong

    it is really that simple. Now the clarance is 0,38 mm and it should be 0,06 mm ! What you get is lot of piston slap and of course its going break. Send the cylinder somewhere to get a new coating Vertex piston and you're good to go. The crank bearings i'd replace after a damage like this.
  14. kauko40

    My 1996 cr125r keeps bogging out

    The needle on the bottom of the slide. Remove it and check the position. Put it on the middle setting, 3rd position (always counting from the top). Have you checked the jetting already ? this is what PC is recommending MJ PJ needle needle pos. air screw , and the latter ones are the stock settings from PC's page. Pro Circuit 165 52 2nd 1.5 , CR125R 172 50 1369 3rd 3.5
  15. kauko40

    My 1996 cr125r keeps bogging out

    Sounds like your jetting is off. You don't tell us anything about the rpm's where it bogs. Compare the jetting to a stock setting. But sounds to me like it's the pilot jet / air screw and or the needle position. You can go to Pro Circuit web page to see the stock jetting under support / jetting.