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  1. If you need parts for your new WR40 try calling 707-448-0511 Prodigy Minisports this guy has it or can get it and will get a fix for you. P.S. toll free 1-877-GOT-MINI monty
  2. Hay guys we will put a ride on at stonyford a little latter when we can get everone set up to go,we will have to plan it a month out, someone let me know a date and I;ll see if the camp ground is open for that date (gray pine) monty
  3. MONTY

    nature takes its toll

    Hay slow down we need you here next year,Hope your ok if you can tell the doc, you did it running or somthing other than a motorcycle you will get better care.Marry Xamas. monty
  4. I hope you guys can make the camp out/ride on the 10th&12th january, the only thing that would stop that would be too much snow.We are still going up for a one day ride on the 28th if anyone eles wants to come post and I'll give you the meeting place and times.I think Mike and Mike are going and Paul is going. monty
  5. The camp out and ride that Paul and Monty were doing, has been changed to the 10th&12th of january at stonyford Gray Pine camp ground.The reson for the change is due to the mees over the thanksgiving weekend, we thought it would be best to move the date to a none hoillday weekend.I hope everone that was going to go on the 28th can still go on the 10th&12th you will see and ride some geart trials and geart camping.If there is to much snow up high on the trails we will post and update. monty
  6. MONTY

    Help Save OHV Program.

  7. MONTY

    House Green lights Major Enviro Bill

    Paul I got them all (e-mail) hope it helps. monty
  8. Dog got to (www.fs.fed.us/) stonyford is in the Mendocine national forest at there web site you can get a map and infor, on the ridding there. monty
  9. Mike we will be coming home on sunday after T-day can you make it on firday or sat,? monty
  10. MONTY

    Damper or Dampener?

    Rich we are putting a camp out ride at stonyford on the Dec,28th I got the Gary Pine camp ground for the whole week,Paul and the others are coming up see if you can make it along with any one eles wanting to come. monty
  11. Brian you taking your dog or your bike to dove spring?HA-HA How you been you need to darg that trailer up to stonyford with us and forget about a rode out canyon lots more fun at stonyford and we will give you a B-DAY you want forget. MONTY
  12. Paul I'll be going up friday the 27th to open up the camp ground, if you can get off bring your trailer up then.They have bathrooms and water at the camp ground and it is fenced off and has paved parking and camping spots.Gary Pine camp ground is just before davis flat in the stonyford ridding area. monty
  13. Mike,Paul and Huge that was other good ride at stonyford, man was it wet or what, but no dust.Mike how is you figer boy that thing got hit good, your going to get a blood blister out of that one, just give it a little prick you'll be fine.We will be going back up on thanks giving, davis flat, look for PAULS post about it, it's going to be a TT CAMP OUT MONTY monty
  14. MONTY

    Ride at stonyford

    Mike, Mike, and Paul it may rain sat, so we may have to go on sunday I'll keep check on the weather.If they get to much rain at G-town they won;t let you ride and stonyford is having the WFO enduro on sunday E-mail me a phone no# to get in touch with you guys send it to my work (isc938@aol.com) monty
  15. Mik,Paul,Haword that was a geart ride sat, at stonyford, all new trails on akakak ridge they were the best i have riden in a lomg time.Next time Howard I'll have a new rear tire and I'll shot that big ass hill with you,thanks for going guys it was a geart ride. monty