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  1. Here is a pic I shot last night, she went low in the corner and caught him on the face of the jump.
  2. Here are a few pic's from last weekend, they wouldnt let me on the track so I had to use a zoom....they are not the best .
  3. Best thread ever.............know what the food posioning was like have had it..........would love to go on a trip like this....Thanks for all the pic's
  4. She will be 18 on the 30th of April and the bike is a 250f I took a couple hundred pic's this weekend and will try and post some later. Thanks for all the positive coments:thumbsup:
  5. Here are a few picks of my daughter last weekend, she blew out this rut and took a dirt sample.
  6. Not enough $$$$$ to make the trip. Maybe the WMA race there in november.
  7. Heres a pic I shot this weekend at Cooperland raceway.
  8. KRIP

    Pastran has nothing on this guy...

    The guy on the end " Dammit! cant believe I lost the coin toss again"
  9. That was funny......I bet Speed is pissed at him...lol
  10. KRIP

    This Girl Is Railing

    LOL....yeah that was a digger turn,lol....the foot peg and shifter dug in.
  11. Yeah she is, you cant get your bars that close to the ground going slow.
  12. KRIP

    This Girl Is Railing

    She is 17 and started riding at 10.
  13. KRIP

    This Girl Is Railing

    I posted these over in the pic forum but I know most of you dont visit there, these are of my daughter on our practice track. We had a much needed rain this weekend so she went out and run close too four hours monday afternoon.