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  1. Dylan wandell

    1983 honda xr350r piston

    Yeah the piston does and I just got the bike yesterday and all it needs is a piston. So if I got a 85mm piston all I would have to do is bore the cylinder over alittle bit for it to work?
  2. Dylan wandell

    1983 honda xr350r piston

    I know that but I was wondering if I would have to adjust the valves different from stock or not
  3. Dylan wandell

    1983 honda xr350r piston

    I have a 1983 honda xr350r. It needs a new piston and the stock piston is 84mm but all the pistons I find for it is 85mm. Does it make a difference if I got the 85mm instead of the 84mm
  4. Dylan wandell

    2008 trx450 won't start so where I start

    Look at the top end to see if something is wrong with the piston or if it's scorched
  5. Dylan wandell

    87 trx250x carb problems

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n9nCKCSXz00 You can watch a video of the quad on YouTube
  6. I got a 87 honda trx250x with rebuild top end and carb and the carb it's giving too much gas and and it don't wanna idle even with the choke on. Does anyone know what's wrong with it?