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    Looking for Baja Riders

    I have been riding in Baja (mostly northern loops) for the past thirty years and looking for riders going down in March or early April. My group of friends have pretty much moved to Adventure Bikes so I am looking for some off road guys. If you are up for a 4 or 5 day loop I would be thrilled to join you or I can even guide Baja Virgins. You MUST be able to ride long days, bikes in excellent mechanical condition and be a solid rider. No bubbas, knuckleheads or gomers. No 2 strokes, Suzukees or psychos. I ride an XR650r, excellent trail mechanic and carry sat phone. Option One: Santa Veronica to Mikes Sky Ranch Mikes to the Old Mill in San Quentin Old Mill to Santo Thomas (el Palomar) Santo Thomas to Santa Veronica Option 2 Ensanada to Camalu (Pirates Cave) Camalu to Mikes Mikes to Santo Thomas Santo Thomas to Santa Veronica If you are interested contact me via email rarcher@archertravel Looking to make new rider friends