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    So when can you start?

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    WR Moderator Job Announcement

    I nominate Beezer.

    What did you do to your WR today?

    added gas.

    Some pics of my `05 WR450 SM

    I've got a Finsky on your SM WR over the TT DRZ.

    Steel Framed Purists Unite!...A bit of an editorial

    This whole thread has TGT written all over it.

    Steel Framed Purists Unite!...A bit of an editorial

    Wow Clarke, you're the grumpiest, self righteous, un-old guy I've ever heard. I applaud the expression of your distaste for the youth in our sport, believe me as I age ever so ungracefully, I feel more and more like you. You can't change youth ignorance or attitude, but how you deal with it and address it really reveals how good of a mentor or influence YOU are. Be more of an ambassador for offroad bikes instead of a internet forum soapbox blow hard. Throwing insults at someone because they don't know how to mod their airbox or because their post count is in single digits doesn't do anyone any good. I don't post here regularly anymore because I've learned what I needed to know and I thank TT for it. I use TT more as a hookup to ride, and I've met some great people. (Indy, DrewP, DD and others. Hopefully many more!) It's a good resource regardless of ability, experience or knowledge. This debate on the frame shit is just stupid. You calling it tin foil and disregarding it before you've even tried it is truly ignorant. Someone pinned you big time too when they said if you have tried the '05 YZ to the '06 was right on. The difference in those two bikes was a change for the better. I feel the same will hold true for the WR as well. So not to ignite the all out flame fest, (I'm your Huckleberry, if you feel it necessary) but your post didn't really do anyone any benefit. Thanks for sharing, I guess. Have a nice 4th.

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    Hey, I didn't want this to turn into a flame fest on Arin. I don't have anything against him. He is entitled to his opinion. I'm also entitled to mine and disagree. The thing on the gas tank is pretty petty actually. I am one of those bling blingers that actually track rides the WR. So to me, the smaller tanks ergos are a plus. Now I know a few of you are long distance riders that NEED a bigger tank. You have a couple of options, $275 for a bigger tank or pack more gas. The aluminum frame. I'm into it. I like the way the Hondas ride and I know I'm not alone. Honda and Yamaha have dumped tons of money into these frames to ensure they are not too harsh. (remember the first AL framed CRF, that thing sucked!) I think after a ride on the new WR, you might change your tune. I wish Yamaha could have stepped up to the plate and been the (major manufacturer) pioneer for EFI in the dirtbikes. (even though Gas Gas has had if for several years.) Yamaha has kind of taken a "wait and see" kind of technology approach, but their end product usually doesn't disappoint. Hopefully we'll see fuel injected bikes next year. I guess my point is that you'll never please everyone. But that's the way change works. What works for one may not for another. I can confidently say that the Yamaha's have consistently IMPROVED every year and they're only getting better. Now I'm going to go get hammered and blow stuff up. Yeah for the 4th of July!

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    I do have a bigger tank than 2.1 gallons, but you only get 50 miles? Somethings not right unless you have that thing pinned the whole time. I have an IMS 3.3 gallon and I can get 100 miles out of it.

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    Some people really don't deal with change well. You and my Gramps would get along great. I'll apologize in advance for the flame, but I think your post warrants some retaliation. Too rigid of a frame? Give me a break. Ride a Honda 450R on a track or an X on the trails, you won't be complaining. I agree with adjusting the carb, that's part of why I'm in favor of EFI. That would have pushed me into buying a new WR. I agree the gas tank is small, but it's good for close to 100 miles, not 25. Not all of us want an Exxon Valdez motorcycle with a 6 gallon tank. To each their own. I personally would take the better ergos of a small tank. Catch your boot tip because of the lower stance? Wow you're really reaching now. The no DRZ's comment was about the only intelligent part of your post.

    07 Yamaha Bikes in Vegas NOW!!!

    I'm with Reed90210. Carbs are dumb.......and bad for you according to my doctor.
  13. Or you could just do this. Or this.

    How much faster is a 525exc than a wr450?

    Because most R-tards can't even handle the 450.

    Need some more bling - Check this out!

    I jus ride wit my gold teef in.