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  1. Undecided


    im always here to support you in your time of needs
  2. Undecided


    or you could learn how to ride the bike you pansy
  3. Undecided

    Is $6000 a good price for an 05 CRF250R in CA?

    here in GA the shop 5min away wants almost $6000 OTD. i think thats crazy....my friend said he got the bike(when they first came out) for under $5400 OTD at the same dealer and he doesnt have some great connections to them.
  4. Undecided


    maybe if you read this all you would notice none of us were even thinking about it. we dont have a 40' trailer or a f150 even though i might get one. i would never try to pull something that big with a truck like that...thats why i wanted to prove him wrong.
  5. Undecided


    well it wasnt really what truck to get...more of if it could pull although i might get a f150 but no way a 40' trailer...not even a enclosed one..i got the open ones.
  6. Undecided


    Ok i got in a argument with a friend which started from something i saw on here. Well it got to the fact that he thinks a F150 could EASILY pull a 40' trailer with all inside(cabinets,gear,4bikes,golfcart....). I say it could maybe pull it but it would struggle a lot. The second part is that he thinks his 25' boat weighs wayy more than the 40' trailer with all that inside. Who is right?
  7. Undecided

    Used CRF250

    well i live in georgia so that might be a problem. i need to get ride of my cr250 first and sign up for honors classes(the deal) to get the bike. the cr should be sold soon if plans go smooth.
  8. Undecided

    Used CRF250

    so if the bike wont start easy it probably has valve problems?
  9. Undecided

    Used CRF250

    Im thinking about buying a CRF250R, possibly used. I was just wondering how can i tell if the bike has valve problems without taking everything apart? I dont care if most dont...i dont want to get a POS. Any quick ways for clues?
  10. Undecided

    Missing Peice..Riding Tomorow

    rode without it and it seemed fine...ill get the peice ASAP though.
  11. Hey...i was working on putting new rear pads on my cr250 because my other ones are completely gone almost and i was pullin on the pin that holds the pads and it took some struggle to get it. All the sudden it came out and i think the plastic ring is gone. I didnt see it on there at all but the manual says it should be there. Would it be safe if i put it all on without the ring? Should i do something ghetto??
  12. Undecided

    Reed wins again

    i think metzger did a backflip on a thumper if remeber right...not sure if it was him but someone did.
  13. Undecided

    Atlanta results

    by far the best race ive ever seen. was hopin reed would win but RC got him. it was a really good race.
  14. Undecided

    Chad Reed Wins

    i know the race was last night but most dont get to see it until the next day. i didnt know about the not putting the spoiler thing...never had problems with this before anywhere else.
  15. Undecided

    Mental Problems?

    well it seems like the problem is basically gone..i guess im lucky?