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  1. str8away

    Oxford MX Park??

    Is this place opening this year or what?!! C'mon...somebody must know something.
  2. str8away

    Oxford MX Park??

    any udates/info?
  3. IT'S A PRO CIRCUIT BIKE!!! WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? The original quote was that he's riding the same exact bike as the Factory big boys only smaller...which could not be further from the truth. Christ all mighty. Look at frickin' bikes.
  4. No Sh!t the thing is modded to the hilt. That does not make it factory. You are correct - I certainly do not have access to the Kawi rig, but a little common sense will tell you that Kawasaki has not fielded a full FACTORY 2 stroke rider since Stewart in '05...yet behind the scenes they have secretly been channeling all their 2 stroke R+D efforts into an 85 engine? I'm sure the engine has been massaged 6 ways to sunday by mitch & company to squeeze every last pony out of it possible, but that's it. PC is not Factory. Factory is Factory. Do not confuse the two. Don't think so? Look at Villopoto's bike. Kayaba works suspension - unobtainable. He runs an FMF exhaust system for cyin' out loud...
  5. That bike has a PC motor with the PC works suspension package. There is nothing "factory" about that bike whatsover. It's trick as hell and cost a small fortune, but every part on that bike can be bought off the shelf. Don't make stuff up when you clearly don't know what you're talkin' about.
  6. cool vid and sweet track, but brutally rough? i guess i just don't see it. there's your typical braking/acceleration bumps and stuff and i understand the camera can be deceiving but man, those jump faces look like metal ramps. no deterioration at all. i don't think a track is really beat untill you are doubling braking bumps, kickers on all the jumps and ruts like slot car racing:ride:
  7. str8away

    not using clutch when downshifting?

    MX bikes need a clutch so you can put in gear and ride from a standstill and to effectively navigate track obstacles. Not necessarily for up/down shifting.
  8. I can appreciate that he took a different approach in his editing, but no matter how you slice it, the meat & potatoes of any MX vid is the riding. I think some of the angles and shots he used were unique, but i thought the riding was very boring/amateur-ish. ...and yes, i can watch skilled riders huck whips all day:ride:
  9. just watched all 4 vids. they are all decent, but danny stewart's is the best...and its not even close IMOH. sick riding and amazing footage.
  10. str8away

    how do i look?

    where is that track?
  11. str8away

    New Pictures

    the different size diameter endcaps ensure that there is equal exhaust flow through each silencer. if both endcaps were the same diameter, the majority of the exhaust gases would exit the right silencer. (path of least resistance)
  12. str8away

    Cahuilla Creek MX today

    cool vid. gr8 quality. That track didn't appear didn't appear the least bit rough, though. It looked flat as paper to me.
  13. str8away

    6 pack abs

    u couldn't be more wrong. i won't go into great detail, but even your basic 10th grade biology class teaches you that there are 3 different types of muscle fibers. have you ever heard of fast-twitch vs slow twitch? structural differences in fiber diameter, mitochondrial density, capillary density, creatine phosphate, contraction speed etc all play a role in the different characteristics exhibited by each fiber which directly correlates to the preferred training method and ultimately the performance of the different muscle fibers. Mucle fibers are definitely NOT all created equal!
  14. str8away

    09 yzf 250

    that's the tranny breaking itself in. completely normal.
  15. str8away

    6 pack abs

    WRONG! the abdominals are most certainly different the other muscles in your body. Due to their need to function as stabilizers all day long, the abdominals have a network of veins and capillaries that are denser than in many other muscle groups. This gives them a greater capacity for recovery. That is why ppl use high repetition excercises and also why they often train them everyday. I don't know about you, but my goal when training abs is more definition not size.