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  1. I didn't think the tranny would warm from just sitting via idle. The gears aren't moving. But you most likely know more than me so I will give that a go. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Both my KTM's will engage the gearing and try to spin the rear wheel even when the clutch is in...only when the bike is cold. This happens to the extreme that the bike lurches forward and stalls out. The concerning part is that my brother's 2013 KX 450F doesn't have this problem but even the 2017 KTM SX-F I bought last weekend does. Do I need to be worried about my new KTM bike?
  3. I just bought a 2017 KTM SX-F Factory Edition. In a little plastic bag that came with the bike there is a round plastic piece that is a throttle attachment. It either makes the bike snappier or smoother. I prefer snappy and don't care much about smooth.. Does anyone know if I should replace the one on the bike with the one in the bag?
  4. Thanks Everyone!!! I love the knowledge pouring through this site. Most impressive.
  5. I can't find a light weight flywheel to replace the one in my 2014 500EXC. It is going to be used strictly for hill climbing so quick shifting is very important and I need to be able to get the bike up to high RPM's as fast as possible. A flywheel weight is easy to find, but I can't find a replacement that is "lighter". Can anyone help please
  6. PaxtonJones

    Drastic Change In Gearing via Sprockets

    To: sirthumpalot I will definitely have the TPS and mapping fixed as you mentioned. Hopefully the rev limiter will then know not to kick in so soon. I am excited about the proposition of a rebuilt engine to transfer the power away from torque to HP. I have tried almost every combo of sprockets. I even tried 11T X 52T. The result was worse. In many hill climbs 2nd gear is necessary. So when I changed the sprockets 2nd gear was way too slow, but it was still too difficult to hit the power band in 3rd gear. I definitely like the 15T X 47T the best. I am currently waiting on a new sprocket to get even more ridiculous with this. I found a 40T. This will speed up the 2nd gear a huge amount and hopefully I can still get in the power band easily. When I go for the occasional trail ride I will slap on the 11T and I will be golden.
  7. PaxtonJones

    Drastic Change In Gearing via Sprockets

    Much better responses than I guessed. Thank you so much. The bike is set up ready to rock with no turn signals and things like that. I don't know what "smog" is but I will google it...if it means exhaust pipe I have the best power pipe money can buy. The fly wheel is one of those obvious things that I should have thought of a long time ago!!! I assumed remapping would make little difference because when we swap out maps on my bro's KXF it doesn't do a whole heck of a lot. And I don't know what TPS is? And I don't know what uncorking is? Ps: here is a picture of it.
  8. PaxtonJones

    Best bike and/or mods for girl/women

    Sorry, that last email was in regards to the KLX 100. If she is currently riding a fast bike you are in a jam because getting more power means a lot more weight. I suggest any enduro model with a 250cc motor. 125cc are kind of weak and I don't know if you can buy one in an enduro model. and power is not the problem. It's the gearing. An enduro bike is like butter in the rocks and even the 300cc two stroke ktm is smooth. You will need to show her how to pick it up by turning her back to it and then pushing with her legs to lift. Also the secret to lifting a bike is spinning it around so you aren't lifting it up into a hill. Pull in the front tire to rotate it. Even if it means the bike is pointing in the wrong direction. If it is you are still better off backing it up once you get it up. Hope this helps. I miss the fun times of going from a yz 80 to a kdx 200...some of the best days of my life.
  9. PaxtonJones

    Best bike and/or mods for girl/women

    I am big into hill climbing and I can promise you that an engine mod will do nothing for the power. Those K100's couldn't be a better beginner bike but the power is nothing compared to a kx 80. I rode a kx100 and it felt like a battery operated kid scooter. It's just a completely different motor than normal dirt bikes. I suggest you keep the bike light so she can still pick it up, but you are going to have to teach her how to truly use a clutch. What I mean by this is she just graduated to a kx 80. It will be crap in the rocks because first gear will be anything but smooth but the power will be ten fold. Even you can ride it and have fun. My buddy weighs 200lbs and rides one because he is man enough to take the heat/laughter. Embarrassing the hell out of me but oh well. You can also chop the shock on the kx 80 to shorten in. You can put a small sprocket on the front and large one on the back so first gear will be much better in the rocks. This will make a huge difference. Lastly, she sounds ready. Time to ride a real bike.
  10. My 2014 KTM 500 EXC is pushing 510cc, but it's not making the perfect hill climbing bike. My brother's motocross 2013 KX450F is much better. His first gear is nice and fast, his second gear can be run quite slow but also very fast, and his 3rd gear can be run pretty slow and super fast. My bike can't achieve this no matter what sprocket combo I try. My bike wants to keep the range of the first gear so short that it is almost unusable and the same goes for 2nd. Then when it is time to shift into 3rd that gear is too spread out. I can be on the rev limiter for 3 seconds and when I grab 3rd gear it will bog on me. If you are wondering I really don't think anything is wrong with the motor so let's please try avoiding answers like - "get your motor checked out". So far the best combination I have found for the purposes of hill climbing are a 15T on the front and a 47T on the back. This makes first gear somewhat usable, and 2nd gear has a ton of power, but it hits the rev limiter almost always and then grabbing 3rd gear just causes a complete loss of power. What is going on in a transmission that is causing this problem? Is there any hope to altering something to get what I want? I am willing to spend big money to get it. Let's just say that I am willing to spend $2500 at the drop of the hat for a solution. And no...I don't want a motocross bike because I want the advantage of the bigger motor In the attached photo I hit the rev limiter about right there. And at that spot my brother is still accelerating in 3rd gear. It just doesn't make any sense.
  11. Adam the owner of Kreft Moto is so enjoyable to work with. I presented a unique challenge. Wait - a horrendous challenge. Adam has taken it on with vigorous enthusiasm. He has accomplished what three other techs could not. Each time I change out the oil he dials the suspension in some more for free and even offered me half of the parts which I would not accept. 50% is robbery. This man deserves the highest respect and I will not cheat such a person. Do not take your KTM 4cs forks to any tech that does not specialize in KTM suspension. And by that I mean only works on KTM suspension. They are far too complicated and more importantly Kreft Moto has access to all kinds of fancy parts and equipment to add to the forks that. I have added so many factory parts and cool equipment that I have lost track of it all. The 4cs fork is capable of things that you can't even imagine. May you ride fast and go big.
  12. . Thank you Kyle. Those G2's look very good. I am very glad I asked
  13. http://rollonthrottle.com/ This seems pretty cool. Hard to get my head wrapped around though. Anyone try this product out. Any comments...maybe this will make a fun thread.
  14. Calling her quits after a year on this. What I have learned: everyone rides softer suspension than me because they prefer a smooth ride to an aggressive ride that allows high speed to be maintained through water bars, dips, depressions, g-outs, airs to flat, ledge drops, and deep whoops. Enduro bikes are notorious for gooey suspension and can't handle even the minor whoops without throwing ones weight all the way forward due to the deep compression. Suspension techs should be willing to revalve and revalve again to get it perfect for a customer...costs are built in to cover for such things. More oil and heavier oil doesn't make that big of a difference if you want dramatic results. Kreft Moto Suspension is far superior to the rest via WP forks. An additional adjustment can be added via Kreft onto the bottom of the fork. If you want to feel a dramatic difference this will do it. And most of all - as many of you put it...don't listen to anyone else - experiment with what your tuner sets for you and rework it until you love it. Everyone's desires are different. Knowledge of the inner workings is simply interesting and at the most helps you communicate with your tuner. Whether you all think these lessons I have mentioned are correct or not it is you who built this for me. A year worth of threads and tuners equals this short explanation yet confirms without a doubt that it is correct - you can't do anything about because you were a part of it so don't try arguing with me anymore. Adios Amigos...Ride Fast Take Chances
  15. I am currently at 115mm of sag. I am getting some left to right bouncing in high speed whoops (half throttle or so in 4th gear). I like the front of the bike to ride tall so no need to address that concern. Also...in order to achieve the bottom resistance I need I am cranking up the high speed and now am getting a chopping ride...I am hoping extra sag may help this as well?