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  1. Thanks Kat!! Words cant explain how much I love it! Ive had it about 24 hours and already coming up on 200 miles just from cruising around haha, and yeah I healed up fine just havent had the urge to ride like I used to. Mostly from a mix of school and working upwards of 55-60 hrs a week and just the bike running like crap. It kind of makes me sad really. And I do like the blue but after seeing it in person Im so glad I ordered the white, only 1 of 3 in my county[emoji4] Selling the carb to get money for gold wheels (its a subaru thing) haha
  2. no it wouldnt let me upload any hopefully this time it worked
  3. Hey everyone, haven't been on here for a while. After my last crash in November I havent really rode, plus Ive had nothing but problems all year with the good ol' dizzer. I love it but have a new toy, my dream car. Anyways I decided after my insurance being through the roof because I cant control myself on the bike maybe I dont need as much power as I have (plus I want car parts lol) so Im selling my FCR kit. How much do you guys think I could get for it with less than 500 miles on it? It was 700 with the extended fuel screw on tt, so maybe 600? 550? Watcha guys think?
  4. Haven't been on here in a while but figured I'd share these from todays ride!
  5. i was referring to the U.S color scheme (white/blue wheels) I didn't know Canadian models were different.
  6. Is that a pic of the actual bike? If so, that is not a 14' model. And to answer your question, every DR-Z I've seen has that shaved look on that piece, dont know if its supposed to be like that but it wont hurt anything and seems to be the norm.
  7. Buy, definitely buy. I learned the hard way..... I love my DR-Z but I payed 3500 for it and I now hard a good 7 to 8 grand into it.
  8. On a ride with a buddy of mine on his wr250x and a guy with a street legal crf250r which is very rare and hard to do in our state. Was a nice ride until it ended with me crashing.
  9. I really dont know I was just taking off from a stoplight and I guess I caught gravel, the rear slipped my front came up and came down sideways and I flew over the bars, rolled a few times, got up and ran to the bike. I guess you can say I highsided but I dont really know why. It was in front of a gas station so many bystanders came over to see if I was alright. I really appreciated that, one of them even let me use his tools to bend my shifter back and move my clutch perch so I could attempt to ride it home, had to ride it home about 5 miles in an unknown gear. Real bummed and sore now though but it could have been a lot worse....
  10. Got my bike all fixed up and went riding for the first time with my new bottom end Then I crashed....Only damage is subrame is bent and need a new clutch lever and possibly a shift lever. Oh and my cisor but I have a new in box one of those. My first actual crash. Im okay though, just a little sore probably going to feel it tomorrow.
  11. thanks for the help, I found the problem, the new bottom end came with a blocking plate and I put the S/Sm one on there and I guess it was keeping the shift drum or whatever is inside there from spinning but all is good now.
  12. Ive never seen that design of the variant before, that looks awesome!
  13. I didnt take the cases apart, just took my clutch, stator, and starter motor out and put them in the new bottom end, the cases have never came apart. The guy I bought it from said it was shifting perfectly. He said he would take it back and refund me if I wanted
  14. this is what is in my old bottom end And this is what is in the new oneI should also mention the new bottom end is from an E model.
  15. Is the shift drum just as easy as putting it in there and putting the pins and cap back on? I dont know why theres not one
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