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  1. Got a 2005 yz450 carb from a wrecker, took it apart to see what jets were in there and then installed it. Turned the fuel on and it started pissing out fuel from 2 of the hoses coming out of the carb, one on the bottom and another one i couldn't trace back since it was all wet. What could be my issue? When it was apart it all looked fine inside, float didnt seem gummed up or anything. Any ideas before I take it apart and have another look?
  2. Yeah I've got one
  3. My front caliper on my wr426 needs a rebuild and new pads. I bought the bike in motard trim and I'm 99% sure the caliper is larger than stock (compared it to the one off my parts bike). I tried running the serial number off the brake pads through Google but got no results. Any other ideas? The only markings it seems to have are these:
  4. I got this rectifier from my local electronics store, and the only markings on it are as shown. Would the terminals on the side of the markings be a.c. and the other side be the dc output?
  5. Yeah that sounds like the way to go. Have you got that link somewhere?
  6. Like this one? Where would I wire it in? Would it replace the stock regulator?
  7. Wr426 motard
  8. Yeah nah i did, theres definitely oil in the bike, just not a whole lot in the clutch. When i took it for a ride i could see a bunch of oil spinning around, but it still didn't fill up
  9. Bit of a weird question, but do 4t dirtbike clutches fill with oil? Ive just put on a clutch cover with a window, similar to this And theres no oil in there. I thought they were wet clutches, ie covered in oil? Or am i wrong?
  10. I've changed every light on my wr426 to an LED and I've gotta wire in a rectifier to stop the flickering. The easiest place looks to be right off the yellow wire coming off the stator, but if i wire it in here then the regulator will be getting the converted dc power, not ac. Does this matter?
  11. Wrapped it in teflon tape to make a seal against any oil leaks and it seems to hold alright but I'll keep an eye on it and probably end up doing the heli coil in the near future, cheers
  12. I managed to strip out the threads where this bolt goes in my head.. it holds tight enough to stay in, but leaks a little oil out while running. Suggestions on how to fix this? Its a weird bolt so i dont think i could just go a size up and retap
  13. Not rewiring, just putting it back together. The wires below are pale green, pale blue, and 4 black wires
  14. What is this plug for? The yellow lead coming off goes to the headlight high beam lead. I just can't seem to find a matching plug for this thing
  15. I've just blasted and repainted my steel frame, taping off various parts where clearance might have been an issue when reassembling. My question is, now I've got raw steel in a few places (mostly where axles or bolts will go back in), what can I do to prevent it rusting and then getting under the paint and spreading? Cheers