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  1. Yeah, I started riding at sea level (normally ride at around 600m) and I was definitely going faster than usual. Probably need to rejet a little
  2. Could be it I guess. The radiator cap didn't feel hot at all though, was cool enough to keep my hand there. Am I gonna damage my engine by going that hard on it? I thought 2 bangers were built to be screamed...
  3. Took my yz250x out for a rip earlier this arvo, and when I came back and shut it off the exhaust kept smoking (about as much as a candle when you blow it out) for around 5 - 10 minutes. What could cause this? Only thing I can think of is maybe I set the exhaust packing or some carbon build up on fire somehow, so I plugged the exhaust to starve it of oxygen and it seemed to die within a few minutes. Any ideas?
  4. Supermoto wheels is the answer. My wr sumo is off the road for an engine rebuild and I'm sick of not having a bike to ride, and this is just a temporary measure so I can ride
  5. Turns out the forks and crowns bolt straight on, if anyone else had the same question
  6. I've got a 12v 4000mah portable battery I bought with the intention of using for radiator fans, but never ended up using. Could I use this to power blinkers and a tail light on an mx bike as an alternative to uprading the stator? How would I go about wiring it up?
  7. Turns out the rear wheel bolted right on, front axle on the yz is fatter and less wide than the wr. Is there anything stopping me from putting the wr forks and crowns on the yz? Is the headtube in the frame the same diameter?
  8. Wasn't sure where to post this, hopefully here is ok I've got a 2017 yz250x and a 2001 wr426. Does anyone know if the axles are the same size? I wanna swap wheels from the wr to the yz for a couple of weeks, if it's possible. Thanks in advance
  9. My flywheel puller bolts went in too far and did this to my magneto. Looks like the copper wire in there broke. Did I just break my magneto?
  10. I just got my engine back together, was putting the neutral switch back in, aaaand I royally messed up and put the spring in the center hole. I now have a spring on my tranny. Any creative ideas on how to fix my f*** up without splitting cases again?
  11. Putting the camshafts back in my wr and just wanted to check that it's in correctly. I spun the exhaust camshaft one tooth (i think) clockwise from what the wr manual says to get yz timing, does this look right? Or did I go too far?
  12. Don't have an answer for you regarding hand guards, but why would you spend that much money on ASV levers? What's the advantage over normal $10 levers?
  13. Cheers for the reply How many watts is a stock headlight?
  14. How much power would an LED lightbar draw compared to a stock headlight? I've got an older wr, so it hasn't got a battery, but I'm entertaining the idea of replacing the old looking headlight with an MX number plate and a lightbar. Would this be do-able with a stock stator?
  15. Too much. I don't even want to know by this point, just gotta keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the end haha But then again I did do a complete overhaul with all new bearings, seals, tranny, piston etc so probably spent more than I had to, strictly speaking