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  1. They look very good. What offset did you choose?
  2. Good point. I'll check his nut and sag. But I'm thinking a lowering link. You don't have a stock link laying around do you?
  3. Sorry, it's a 2004 CR125R.
  4. My son has a CRF250R shock from 04' on his 125. I actually think the bike has a lowering link or that it should have had a longer shock because the bike sits low. I'm going to do some more measuring and research.
  5. I've got a 2007 CRF250R rear shock on my 03' CR250R but I had to have Factory Connection change the clevis out from the long one to the shorter 04 and back.
  6. I just spoke to him today about my sons 85 for big bore and porting. For only two and a quarter for the bore and port job not too bad. I source all the parts. Standard pistons available from local suppliers in this case.
  7. I have to agree with the above, if you want to post comparison testing for the masses it needs to be apples to apples. Actual braking distance tests would be excellent. 25mph to stop in loamy dirt, sand, mud compared to stock, etc etc. for product testing to qualify as your engineering that is the type of stats that will make the product believable . keep developing!
  8. I've heard they don't make much difference on an 85, but that is a great question! Will know later this week after pulling the cover. Thanks for the cylinder tips, I will tear them both down after we swap some bolt-ons. I mean, the 07 performance is what most people want for their kids on the trail and right woods racing. If it is cylinder work, at least I will know what to ask for when we send the 03' off.
  9. Please explain how adding high octane fuel is going to help determine why one bike has a different powerband than the other.
  10. Beautiful! I have factory connection suspension on the CR285 I just purchased and since I am a woods racer I plan to get them to revalve the suspension. Former owner was Motocross like you. Those coated tubes are really trick!
  11. We have 2 CR85's. Both were purchased used. One is a 2003 CR85RB and the other is a 2007 CR85R. We also owned a 2001 CR80RB and a 2005 CR85R a few years ago. We race Harescrambles and ride trails. We have a stark difference in performance between our 03' and our 07'. The 03' has a stock pipe and is stock otherwise as far as I know. It is weak on bottom end power and explosive on the high mid to top. The 07' model is opposite, it has good bottom end and mid, and peaks out with less power than the 03'. It has an FMF pipe and silencer and I think V force 3 reeds (I need to double chekc but other than that I don't know what has been doen. It has a stock bore because we put a standard Honda piston and ring in it recently. The reviews I have read on the internet say that aftermarket pipes do not fix the low end power problem on a CR85. Is it possible that my 07' has had the cylinder modified with different porting or something to achieve the different power band we are seeing? Again, I feel like someone has moved the power band down, it does not have the peak power of the 03'. How would I figure out what has been done? I am brand new at 2 stroke engine tuning having been a 4 stroker for a long time. We just aquired the 03' so we will begin swapping parts between the two models to see if bolt ons make the difference.
  12. Pic of my brand new to me CR285R. Planning Handgaurds, Flexx handlebars, IMS fuel tank, 18" real wheel, Black rims, steering damper, and lower geared sprockets. This is my first bike with a narrow ratio transmission. I might put some pivot foot pegs on it, gosh I loved them on my XR. Eventually I will also put a DC electrical system on it to run some LED lighting for an occasional 24 hour event. It already has the big bore kit, Pro Circuit Platinum pipe and PC silencer, 2007 suspension, and I bought it from the original owner. He even provided me with the Certificate of Origin! My Son's new to him 2004 CR125R which will receive many of the same mods. I'm pretty sure this bike has been shortened which is good for his 13 year old self.
  13. Oh OK. My brother did the 136cc piston in his 2002 CR125R last year, I heard you can go up to 144cc maybe that would get you the power your looking for.
  14. What displacement did you finally end up with?
  15. you can run a full CR setup from Warp 9. Their hubs and spokes are huge. I wasn't a fan of the machined axle spacers but your mileage may vary. When I built my wheels I used spokes from Faster USA and Warp 9 rims.