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  1. Firestone

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    Be nice to get in touch with them.
  2. Firestone

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    That’s 6 paddles tires then....
  3. My sons and I are spending the next several months in Yuma. We just arrived and I’m disappointed to find zero riding areas advertised around here. The Arizona sticker laws may mean that we cannot ride public areas because we come from a state with no off road stickers on older bikes. Does anyone have any advice? We ride harescrambles and trails. The off road series looks appealing but it may be a couple months before we can be ready for that.
  4. Firestone

    Showa Compression Bleed Stack

    No, flipping the bleed valve stack. Not the base valve. The bleed valve stack is in series with your clicker oriface circuit. The base valve most are removing the odd shims and turning them over under the base valve stack to give more deflection room. Worked good on our CR125. I removed 7 face shims and left 8 but I have a 135lb rider I would leave another face shim in for maybe each additional 20lbs the rider weighs.
  5. Firestone

    07 CR125 budget build

    And so dies the bling on a budget thread. However we expect a orange smoker motocross race report thread 😁🏁
  6. Firestone

    07 CR125 budget build

    Alright, go rag that 150 and let us know how you feel. the KTM will never be as pretty as your red bike though :-)
  7. Firestone

    07 CR125 budget build

    Well the 285 kit is fun too. It doesn't rev like that 125 but it has more than enough power. Yesterday I just about flipped it backwards after making a low speed compression adjustment (softer-faster) on the rear shock. It started hooking up so well that I was caught by surprise! I've only ridden it about 6 times so far and still learning the bike.
  8. Firestone

    07 CR125 budget build

    You seem to like turning bikes after you build. I'd say take it if you are ready for a different ride. Can't comment on the value but its fun money anyway.
  9. Firestone

    Racing Okie Style on XR's

    XR400R Competition Handbook. here is an example for $30 US: https://m.ebay.com/itm/Honda-OEM-1996-XR400R-Competition-Handbook-Manual-S0936/172787035602?hash=item283ae8edd2:g:kH0AAOSwGvhT1w5a
  10. Firestone

    Racing Okie Style on XR's

  11. Firestone

    Fork Spring Removal Problem

    Another thought- We put KYB fork spring on our Showas by accident (ordered stock 125 springs before I realized this bike had CRF forks) and the springs got stuck inside, had to use a pry bar to get them out.
  12. Firestone

    Post pics of your CR's

    Posted the bike right after I got it in November, Made a few mods, mostly suspension, guards, protectors. The bike is very satisfying to ride. 285cc. New graphics coming next week.
  13. Firestone

    RSW Triple Clamp and Bar mount- XR250R

    If you look around you can find mixed reviews, some complaining alignment or fitment issues. I never bought one. I tried to get one from Superbrace but they said they were not in stock and never got back with me when I asked for a racer's discount :-) - RSW might be the only game in town. I think the post 96' 250 suffers less from steering issues than the 400 though. The forks are so short. Let us know what you find if you buy one.
  14. Firestone

    Racing Okie Style on XR's

    I actually got mine off of eBay.
  15. Firestone

    Racing Okie Style on XR's

    The Honda racing manual says to run your forks 10mm up in the triples as normal unless it is really high speed riding. You are probably to slow on rebound if the forks feel too stiff. Ask them how many shims they took out of your forks. You need to remove at least 4 shims. I would probably remove 5. Again, rebound is the ticket if the shims are 7-8 remaining. 12 shims is stock. Run that rebound as fast or soft as Honda calls it as you can stand on both ends. When it bounces like a basketball that is too much but you have got to have a lot of action in the rocks you are riding. Leave the forks brace on until your are absolutely certain you don't like it. You may be able to grind ruts and carry precise wheel placement with that brace. The stock forks are sloppy as a manwich sandwich. If you want to talk about it PM me your phone number.