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  1. Bike looks great. Wring it out for us!!
  2. That can be arranged come to Oklahoma City And take it for a spin
  3. Mines an 03' and little brothers is a stock 03' we will ring em out together sometime.
  4. I haven't done a side by side. But I dragged my built XR440 against my brothers 03' CR250 and it was almost even with him pulling about a length ahead and but no more. My new bike feels at least 20 percent more powerful than the 440 did at least in acceleration. Top speed, I'm not sure. This is a torquey motor for a smoker though.
  5. George it really doesn't matter what year you have in my opinion for off-road racing or trail riding. As long as the correct combination of parts occurs- for instance the 06/7 shock Simone installed on my 03 was hitting the swing arm and had to be jacked up in the rear due to the long clevis on the 03' swingarm. I let factory connection fix it by changing the clevis. I have had a lot of tuning done by others and myself on my XR's - you know that. None of that can compare to the setup I have now. It cost a lot of money to hire the best but it was worth it and still cheaper than doing it "cheaper" or "local" 5 times.
  6. @littleredridingwood It appears that you have taken pictures with the Fuel Tank off. the steering will never be able to turn that far with the fuel tank on in my experience. Put you tank on, get a realistic Idea of how long the tapped bolt has to be on your triple, and locate that proper place for it to be tapped in. I have done it but on the XR600 but on the 400 I had a machinist weld bump stops on the lower triple.
  7. 05-07 are the same. The older bikes have a different swing arm and a shorter shock clevis.
  8. I bought this 2003 CR250R from its original owner, even got the Honda C.O.O. It had oversize bars and a 285 big bore kit, and 2007 forks with a 2007 CRF250R rear shock. It had a Factory conection spring and stickers.. but I found it it had never been into by them when I took them in for service. I had Factory Connection revalve it for off road racing, replace the too-long 2007 clevis on the shock, and re-spring it for my weight and experience. I added Fasstco Handlbars, Factory FX gripper seat cover with loops, Tusk pipe guard, Cycra plastic skidplate, Acerbis flag style handguards, frame protectors from dirt digits, Devol radiators guards, works connection radiator braces, Ride Engineering Tach/Hourmeter, Moose racing rear 18" rim, Excel 21" front, Dunlop AT-81 Tires, Uni Filter, Acerbis front brake rotor protector mount and occasionally the guard when I'm riding rocks, plastics, a Magura Hydraulic clutch master/slave assembly with flex lever, no-name brake flex lever, and dual beadlocks front and rear. Factory Connection told me the suspension was pristine on the inside. I am in the process of mounting a scotts steering damper on now.
  9. Valving comes and goes, no valving is good for everybody. Yes the later shock had a straight bearing in the top pivot instead of the circular bushing. I raced the old one just fine.
  10. I'm not talking about how long the oil lasts. I'm talking about when you will loose dampening because the shock piston band and o ring are worn out. 20-25 hours of racing and I had no dampening on my 96' XR400 or my 02' XR250 shocks. @Olson338
  11. @Olson338 cool stuff man post here as much as you like! 3 hour runs that's pretty serious. Rear shock tuning takes some time I finally gave up on tuners and stacked my own muti stage valve The shock only lasts about 20 hours in race conditions so you will want to stock up on some spare parts and maybe a second shock, which I have one disassembled and ready to be valved. It has all the new parts to put it back together. Send me a PM if you are interested. PS I also have an extra set of forks.
  12. LOL I would not let All Balls touch my bike
  13. Cool looks like they have mounting options for almost any number plate year
  14. I'm trying to be a good boy @YHGEORGE all I've done is Factory Connection suspension, radiator guards and braces, frame grip tape, new Geomax AT-81 Tires, 18" rear wheel, black rims, flag style handguards, Tusk pipe guard, cycra plastic skid plate, acerbis front rotor protector, and a ride engineering tach/hour meter. Oh, and I got a new factory effect seat cover for Christmas from my brother...
  15. Nice!!