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  1. Haha I never actually saw that project, I don't think. Frankondaha...?
  2. I looked at those and it's the closest thing I've seen. It just doesn't have much by way of horsepower with the Chinese engine. I think a 400cc version would be better
  3. Fatigue is a funny thing.. it goes both ways. Most people think a lighter bike is better and in many ways it is. But I have rode through rough sections sitting down while others couldn't pass me standing up and they were generally much faster than I am. The XR can really soak up the rough stuff with less pitching. It's like it's own interia flywheel.
  4. Ok, I thought you had a 400. Don't know anything about the 500.
  5. Ok well keep me posted maybe that CR needs a new home
  6. LOL, your comparisons are pretty sketchy given the fact that you haven't even ridden the XR400 in a couple of years by your own statement. Ride on.. your still an XR rider and the XR250R is a great ride!
  7. The ebay Namura Magnum kit. Advertised C/R is 11.0:1, don't know if it is accurate. Pin to face height is the same on both stock and new piston. So it has to be smaller squish areas in the head per face diameter or something like that to raise C/R I guess.
  8. Mostly financial this year. Although my next younger brother managed to separate his ribs from his back cartelidge on a jump face at Round 2 and that managed to sideline him for the whole season, first to the pain and later to re-proritizing his activities (don't blame him). Brothr #2 shelled his oil pump gear on his freshly rebuilt 250 4 stroke and tore up his stator due to parts floating around in there, back around round 1. So it was a tough year for all of us. We all worked alot of hours this year too. More bike oriented- did you get your CR and XR forks all lined out @YHGEORGE ??
  9. I actually did that to a small extend the first year, as I intended to due custom fabrication and engine tuning, but it fizzled out and I finally closed my old contract company for good. I'm not sure what the Race team would qualify as in a legitimate business sense- unless some of my boys end up racing pro. By the way, in the photo above, you get a really clear picture of how sway-backed the XR 400 is, even with the Aloop kit, I tried to fix this with the seat on the Renazco racing seat, and it worked well on the XR250R but it never suited the XR400. Just made you feel high and off balance. It does affect maneuverability on the 400 as I am fighting with the forward rise constantly on my seat as the best balance is about an inch higher than the natural curve wants to place you.
  10. CJ, you will forever dog the XR400, why not sell that old junker to somebody that NEEDS one lol. The extra poundage is worth the tradoff IMO for the longer travel suspension. However a CRF400X with a long stroke is a great idea. They are going to feel longer and are not the same at all as an XR. but the engine reliability! Red Moto is a cool outfit they seem to really work hard to please their customers. Even if it is just a smaller bore 450. The stroke is the same.
  11. Idle jet sounds too rich
  12. The special tool to hold the cartridge chamber is less than $25 from Motion Pro. Works for 400/250 and I even get by on my CR forks with it.
  13. Ditto the clutch. I did it all, 440cc, HRC Cam, TM40 pumper, XR's only complete exhaust. I race Harescrambles and I follow 5 year olds on 50's. No overheating in Oklahoma. The power is great, but the XR is by nature happy at low speeds due to low gearing and heavy flywheel.
  14. Wow, I can't even kick my 440 without a manual decomp. After 25-30hrs still can't do it when its warm. and I am not a small person. I miss the Auto Decompressor! so much easier to start in a hot flooded situation whehn your in a hurry. No cam upgrades allow it to stay though it seems :-(
  15. Fall is almost here in Oklahoma. The latter race season is in full swing, but we only get to race the season closure, on October 29th. This year I have 8 bikes to care for of which 7 are racing and two are XR's (250/400) and one is basically an XR- the CRF100F. We have been slowly modifying the XR250R for my nephew and we now have an Aloop Kit on it. As I posted before we also installed an XR400R front end on it. No motor mods yet but we did do a top overhaul with a new piston last year. It was a neglected example I picked up for $500. With a little more tuning and some carb and exhaust mods it will be an excellent B division bike for him. My XR400R and I are still playing the setup game, I have the forks dialed on the high speed hits but the low speed is too soft- maybe it will be perfect after I up my spring rates. Cash shortage has prevented me from getting the correct springs, I ruined the .5 set I had by cutting them too short (first try at this) and the ones I have now were in the CR125 forks when I picked them up. The forks are not in the best shape, they blow fluid past the valve chamber seal internally and have some putting on the rods. But they are really precise at steering compared to the conventional forks and if I can get them setup right should continue to work fine. Stability over temperature ranges is why I switched forks, but I still haven't got them close enough to test that quality. I am running the valves flipped over and specially shimmed on the base valve. The stock holes are far too restrictive for off road racing the stock direction. I have the mid valve removed but might add it back in if I feel I need a little additional slow speed dampening after the rate change. We'll see. Video of the forks on the bench: On the hardware side- the lower triple clamps had to be modified to clear the tank with the side entry clamp bolts.the machining was too aggressive and now the bolts cause the back of the clamp to pinch the fork and cause spring binding. I will post pics of this later. I need to weld some outer stops on the clamp to keep the back spread open enough when tightening the bolts. I barely have enough room for the bolt heads to not hit the Aloop fuel tank. Retrospect I would have gone with my initial thought to use flat head bolts and Allen key style drive. Eliminating the hex head sticking out. I mentioned that to the machinist and he opted not to go that route. Anyway, I would sure love to have a set of Emig clamps but cash was not available and he did not make them for 46mm forks. In fact I don't think anyone does. The CR125R front end I bought just happened to have an applied racing top triple clamp which is excellent and out of production. I drilled and tapped it for my stock odometer mount. Next conversion would probably be 47mm Showa due to parts availability but I used these because I thought they would be better for off road than closed chamber forks after talking with a couple of suspension tuners. No real comment on that at this point, maybe true, maybe false. Cavitation seems to be the main reason or switching to closed chamber forks and whether I have ever dealt with that or not I don't know. Poser of the still dirty XR440R with my new gear bag.