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  1. SloTalkr

    XR250 graphics question

    Well, this is what I did to my XR last Jan. 1st; drained the gas out of the tank and rinsed it out with warm soapy water. 2nd; left the gas cap off a few days to air out all the fumes. Next, took a hair dryer and warmed up the decals and peeled them off with ease. Wiped down the tank sides with lacquer thinner. Put about a table spoon of dishwashing liquid in a pump spray bottle with warm water. Sprayed down the side of the tank and decal and "floated" into place. Started from the middle of the tank with a squeegee to remove all the bubbles. Then a dish cloth around the edges to mop up any additional water. Let it set a couple days and that baby looks brand new. Oh yea, I just replaced the chewed up stockers with new stockers, I think about $16.00 per side. Hope that helps. Slo
  2. SloTalkr

    03 XR 100 Fork Oil

    Just wondering how much fork oil a 03 XR 100 holds per leg. Thankx, Slo
  3. Just got finished installing new graphics on my bike and it turned out sweet. 1st: took off the tank and drained it; then filled it up with warm soapy water to flush out any additional gas; dumped that out and rinsed with clean cool water and let dry for a couple of days with cap off. 2nd: mixed maybe an once or two of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle full or warm water. 3rd: sprayed the tank and back of decal with the water, placed on tank and floated to the desired position. 4th: I used a squeegie from the center out to drag liquid out, then wraped a small soft dry towel around two fingers and pushed out any extra bubbles (not many) to edges and gently dryed any additional liquid around edges. Let it sit a couple of days to dry completly. Total time to install, 3-5 minutes. Made the bike look like brand new. Oh yeah, due to past crashing, the tank plastic had a couple raised gashes on the sides, so I smoothed them out with a little 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Very simple procedure, just remember; 90% preparation, 10% installation.
  4. SloTalkr

    pro design kill switch

    I'll take a whack at it, although I don't own a TRX450. The green wire on a Honda is the hot or positive. The kill switch would be installed in-line in order to interupt current to the coil. I'm pretty sure it doesn't ground the coil, just shut-off the juice to it. So, find the green wire and cut & splice in the kill switch.
  5. SloTalkr

    Laughin at quads!

    Live and let live, no matter what we take off-roading; jeeps, buggies, quads, dirt bikes, 4X4 trucks, we are all experiencing mother nature and thrill seeking to some degree. When I'm out riding I give the thumbs-up to whom ever I pass on the trail, no matter what type of vehicle. The main problems we should address and discuss is well organized clubs lobbying for land closures through-out the U.S. I've seen it happen to many places since I've been riding and its gonna get worse. When they shut down riding areas they don't say "no quads or three-wheelers", they say "No off-road vehicles allowed", end of discussion. Besides, when it comes time for signatures on the petition we send to congress to fight to keep our riding areas open, I bet you a dollar we won't say "you can't sign cuz you ride an ATV", we'll say "Thank-you sir, tell all you friends on quads to come sign too".
  6. SloTalkr

    Wich gearbag is the best?

    I'm using a Troy Lee Designs. Like others, the bottom of the bag is for boots which is separate from the rest of the bag, although this one has a fold out padded square for changing your boots in the dirt or mud. Its large enough for all the standard gear, plus extra zip up pouches for gloves, goggles, socks, etc. Oh yea, as like all Troy Lee stuff, this bag has style and attitude.
  7. SloTalkr

    Need XR250R spark arrestor assy

    I run a FMF Power Core 4 with spark arrestor on my XR 250, I think around $250. Richen up the jetting to balance the increased exhaust flow and you do feel a little more snap in the throttle. They also make a Quiet Core 4 with arrestor that is some what as quiet as stock. Which ever one you buy, you can switch cores if it seems to loud. Slo
  8. SloTalkr

    What was your first bike

    Believe or not, my first bike was a brand new 1966 Harley Davidson 55cc 2-stroke with a 3-speed you shifted by squeezing in the clutch and turning the grip to the next number. Some thing like todays mountain bike grip shifters. Then after working on an assembly line at a lighting fixture plant in Gardena, Ca. I took the money and bounght a brand new 1971 Yamaha 175cc enduro at T & O Yamaha in Lomita, Ca. I rode that baby to High School and after school off-road. Learned to do wheelies on the speed bumps going into the school parking lot. Wished I still had it. Slo
  9. SloTalkr

    used xr400

    That's a good buy, a friend of mine is looking at a 2002 XR400 for that same price. I called my local Honda shop for him to get a price on a 2004 XR400 and they told me the out-the-door price on a new one was $5,225. So I'd say "Go for it". Slo
  10. SloTalkr

    Which quad???

    Using your guidelines for price, I would suggest either an 86-89 TRX 250R; $2,500-$3,500. They handle like a dream, 6-speed with wide-ratio gearing and the proven long rod Honda motor derived from the CR's of that vintage. Now, for a little more pucker factor, the Yamaha Banshee; $3,500-$7,500. These babies with a few aftermarket parts can hold their own with 500cc, although their semi-short wheel base tends to make them handle inferior to say the TRX 250R. But in the drag-race catagory or large dune riding they are very capable. Remember, when it comes time for re-building the Banshee, everything is times 2. Slo
  11. SloTalkr


    Well, let's see, I have to admit I own both XR's and TRX's. The additional influx of money into the motorcycle industry as a result of quad sales is a positive thing, along with watercraft and power products. Without these additional product lines some of the manufactures with smaller market shares would start to disappear, remember Hodaka, Rickman, DKW, Sachs/Penton, Bultaco, Montessa, Maico, Ossa, etc. Besides, based on terrain, IE; sand dunes at Glamis, Buttercup, Gordons Well or Pismo Beach favors big block quads; 250-700CC, while hard pack trails at Ocotillo Wells or Superstition Mountain warrants a good ole XR or whatever brand of dirt bike you choose. When the Gov. starts shutting down riding areas, they don't care if your a quad, dune buggy, jeep, dirt bike or ricshaw. Slo
  12. SloTalkr

    Purchasing a Quad??

    I would suggest a Suzuki/Kawasaki LT80 Quad Sport. Electric start, oil injection, full suspension, V-drive trans=no clutch. They scoot along just fine and there are after market pipes, paddles, etc. to add along the way. New price=$2,600; used price=$1,700. Get the Honda 250EX for Mom and they both can trail ride together, with just the touch of two buttons. Slo
  13. SloTalkr

    Seat cover

    Try Ceet Racing out of I think Vista, Ca. they have a cool web site and a 1-800 number. I got one from them for my 86 250. Slo
  14. SloTalkr

    Buying a used XR400???

    Wow!!! that sounds like a killer deal, snatch that baby up and hit the dusty trails, or with the Baja Designs Kit take the road to the trails. Oh yea, Welcome to TT. Slo
  15. SloTalkr

    What air filter is the best?

    I'm running the Uni on my 2003 XR250. I find it easy to clean, comes with its own high-flow cage and seats real well. Not a bad price either.