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  1. EliJoe

    Steering Stabilizer Which One

    The Ohlins are different than the Scotts? Aren't the Scott's made by Ohlins....I assumed they were the same, but you know what assuming leads to....
  2. EliJoe

    Tired 04 450 exc!!

    540 high-compression kit and headwork from DJH.....the combo if phenominal.
  3. IRC M5B, big lugs that round quickly then wear like iron.
  4. EliJoe

    '06 525 EXC chain question

    I checked the chain at the tightest point and with was on with the 8mm setting on the bottom side. So, guess your stickers are wrong, but my sticker is right. Also, no hub problems.
  5. EliJoe

    HT Racing?

    I have the header, powervane, and velocity stack. All three together make excellent power down low with a some loss on the upper mid-top end. Putting the stock header back on my 525 made the bottom off idle whack softer, but made the upper mid-top come back alive. Just depends what type of power you like. VERY good service and products. Also, these products make the stock jetting work better than stock! They have a better signal to the carb and make the lean stock jetting spot on after the mods (powervane mostly).
  6. EliJoe

    cr500 tires?

    I second the M5B....lasts pretty darned long, nice tall lugs. Works in all kinds of terrain on my 525 EXC
  7. Just changed my oil last night. Plug looked exactly the same, oil not as black. I think there may have been near 20 hrs on this oil change. Running Amsoil 20-50 bike oil. Eli
  8. EliJoe

    525 EXC Tire Size Question

    I am pretty sure the 140/80 is the same size as the 120/100 because the measurement of width it taken at a different spot. I ran several IRC M5B's that were 130/80's and they were the same as a 110/100.
  9. EliJoe

    anyone like the 400EXC?

    I have an 05 525 with the H-T racing setup. It runs very well. My buddy has an 02 400 with the 453 kit. I think the 453 hits just as hard as my 525 and revs out quicker. The 453 is totally amazing. Much better bottom and mid than the 450 EXC.
  10. I have a h-t header and powervane that will be here Thursday. Ahhhh, looking for the utmost grunt. Just unhooked the tps at the carb, and it indeed seems more responsive!
  11. I just put a lighter Trail-tech flywheel on my 525 EXC. In neutral, snap is noticeably quicker. While riding, off idle snap is about the same. Anything other than that is definitely "burstier". I like it a lot so far. I haven't had it in any super slow and tight areas, though. I would say that the increase in burst is a similar, if not better, than the gain of the JD jet kit. Trail-tech had the flywheel in stock and got it shipped the day of ordering.
  12. EliJoe


    13/52 with a 525 EXC and love it.
  13. EliJoe

    best deal on ktm's?

    I third the Fun Mart in Moline, IL. I paid $6450 plus $400 shipping 1 year ago on an 05.
  14. To o-ring pulls the accel pump linkage faster than it normally does. This puts more pressure on the accel pump making a higher pressure squirt. Then the oring stretches and allows for a gap with wide open throttle. Because of this gap in the linkages, you can't wire them together. I assume this gap come from the honda diaphram having less travel.....
  15. EliJoe

    XR-400 to ktm 400, 450, or 525?

    525....though a 453 kitted 400 makes one nice bike. It runs right with my 525.