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  1. ilikemud

    Rev limiter question

    when i do big wheelies and rev it out it starts going ding ding ding ding really fast. i think somone told me that was valve bouncing but i cant remeber. but i think i go faster when i do it you should be able to tell the difference between a misfire and a rev limiter. rev limiter is sorta a drop in power and its like a valve bounce without the bounce in power, its alot slower and more sorta surging, and its not that rythmic sound sorta very in consistant. if that all made sense
  2. ilikemud


    yeah i'm with the other guys here. if you gota ask how then your not ready, its just a matter of confidence and experience on the bike. then one day you will sorta just do it
  3. ilikemud

    tell me what you think

    well i think that you need to speak to your parents do you think you will look like a big tough mature boy if you get a tat
  4. ilikemud

    Hard to start when new

    i would imagine that this is no fault just a fact that its new and the cylinder is tight and hasnt had a chance to bed in yet. if it goes away then its nothing to worry about
  5. ilikemud

    Riding at superstition so cal

    nice work
  6. ilikemud

    2005 WR250 top speed

    i have 2 teeth less than stock fully wound out it was doing just 90mph or 145kmh. and surprisingly it was fairly stable no bar wobbles at all
  7. ilikemud

    How To Shave 4 Pounds on your CRF

    i actually ride alot at aztec MX will you be there this sunday i really want to have a look at how this all works. i'm preaty sure there is no racing this sunday i'll be at the track at arround 10am is that ok? what sorta trailer or car should i look for cheers
  8. ilikemud


    it could rust so i suggest regular hosing downs with WD40, and just throw a tarp over it. apart from that plug the holes up drain the fuel and keep the tank sealed, plug the exhaust and thats about it. just remember not to start it untill you clean the filter first it will have water sitting in it and as soon as you start the bike it will probably suck in water.
  9. ilikemud

    Blow up?

    i have cruised at about 100kmh for about 15 mins no problem just give it a boot every now and again to get some extra fuel pumped in there and make sure its not over revving
  10. ilikemud

    2001250f Collant Type

    so can you top off engine ice with water or is this a big no no as well?
  11. ilikemud

    WR or YZ Cam?

    i havn't done it and i dont think im going to bother either. are you asking is it going to work on an 05 or 04 model i dont understand. if thats what your asking it becomes alot harder because of the auto decomp.
  12. ilikemud

    2001 or 2002 YZ250F

    go the yammie the crf230 is way to slow. as for 01 or 02 there almost exeactly the same bike one just has an 2002 plate and the other 2001. buy the one with the lowest price and the least use.
  13. ilikemud

    Hard Starting 250F

    it sounds rich to me because you cant use chocke when cold. try leaning off the fuel screw 1/4 turn and see if it helps. whoever said your exhaust looked like it was running hot doesn't know much about these bike. they will change all sorts of colours depending on the riding you do and how fast the air flow is. do you like bouncing off the rev limiter alot, the valves could be outa spec thats all i got
  14. its not actually going to boost power it will just change the area that gears are affective in. the bike will be moving slower with the same amount of RPM. when you start going through the gears you may be choosing a gear higher than before and thats about the only difference there will be apart from a slower overall speed.
  15. as a general rule for ebay if the company name is not common or not listed chances are its a peice of tiewanese junk. ebays good to save a few pennies but your only putting your local bike shop outa business and when you need somthing really bad one day and the shop has closed down your gona be in trouble.