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  1. So I bought everything Light Speed makes for the DRZ (except a chain guide) from the TT store. I was totally excited about having my bike looking badass with all the CF. First I went to put on the glide plate. Won't fit, not even close. I have to grind down the plate at the top so it can fit by the fitting that goes into the frame. Additionally, the holes need to be elongated. Argh! Second, I started to install the engine protectors. Yeah, they're on there, but the fit sure leaves something to be desired. Both sides totally distort when the bolts are torqued down. At least they're on there. Third, the frame guards. The left side is ok, but I spend 45 minutes with a Dremel making the right side fit. It hit the brake lever, had to trim over 1/4". Also I had to elongate the hole where the brake line fitting pokes through. Plus, I had to shave down the inside corner on the leading side of the frame so the whole thing would fit over the frame. Junk! Then, the front sprocket cover. What a joke! The supplied bolts are not even close to being long enough. I know some tweaking is required with aftermarket accessories, but this is ridiculous. I recently finished with my FCR and Yoshi Ti. I expected challenges there, but I found this to be far more frustrating. It's not that hard to make a proper mold and drill proper holes. For the price they charge, the products should fit and have the proper hardware included. What has your experience been? Did I just have a run of bad luck and receive their occasional batch of crap?
  2. loop

    YZ 250 for woods riding?

    All my YZ250 has is hand guards and a Steahly flywheel weight, I think 9 oz. It's a great single track/woods bike as is. But I'll be swapping to a 18" rear wheel, WR 3-4-5 gears and eventually a Rekluse for the ultimate off road bike (in my opinion).
  3. right on thanks for the replies!
  4. I just picked up a '06 YZ250 that's part way to being a trail bike. It's already equipped with a flywheel weight, hand guards, FMF Turbine Core 2 and an IMS tank. What is the best radiator guard setup that will work with that tank? Thanks!
  5. New addition to the garage, an '06 250 I picked up last week. Can't wait to hit some trails on something with bark! My DRZ while fun, is a big, heavy slow beast...
  6. loop

    Lowering TTR-50

    My 3 year old rips on his BMX, riding for the last 5 months without training wheels. Now, he doesn't want training wheels on the 50 either. But his legs are too short. Aside from installing a custom strut in place of the shock, or zip-tying the swingarm up (with some super hd zip ties), what can I do to lower the bike? I may trim the seat foam an inch or so, but I need 2 more.
  7. loop

    mrd and fcr vs just the mrd?

    Man I wish I could get my FCR in and out that quick. It's a fight for me, seems like the carb assy. is too short. I found an intake horn for the LTZ that was longer (billet) but dude was no longer making them. So my FCR made it in there twice and that's where it's staying. I run the FCR with the stock exhaust. Better performance, but you sure can feel that it's choked on the top end. Opening the end cap up helped some, but my bike doesn't run nearly as good as my buddy's with the same setup and E-headpipe and Q4 muffler. I think I'm doing an intake cam next. I don't care for a lot of noise when in the woods...
  8. I just grabbed a tube of RTV silicone... If you can't find that, and seriously never want to peel them off again, go for some Shoe Goo II. That stuff sticks like nothing I've ever seen. Nearly impossible to remove....
  9. The DRZ seems to be as popular of a platform to customize as a Harley. I have one of each, and love modding both of 'em. I've had two DRZ's, a SM, and now I have an S. For aesthetic reasons I like the SM better. The USD fork looks cool, and so does the swingarm. But for the riding I do, and me wrenching on it, I like the snail adjusters on the chain and the conventional fork. It is very plush and compliant...
  10. loop

    HECK YA the site is back!!!

    Interesting... Thanks for explaining it in detail. I completely sympathize with your position. I work in an industry that does not always accept change readily. We try to introduce newer better product at times to a flat reception. But our old stand-by's always sell well. We do, however, have a lot of companies that have literally reverse engineered our product and now sell knockoffs that are manufactured in China and India for less money than our US manufactured product. Similar or sometimes lower performance, that do the job at a lower cost. I'm surprised that there aren't bulletin programs that have the same look and feel as vBulletin all over the place, fooling people in to a sense of familiarity. Perhaps someone should write a program that looks and works like vBulletin, but has the features that administrators are looking for without having to be held hostage to advertising and upgrades. I am thankful for TT. I have been since the day I found it. I hope you guys will be around a while. It's a most fantastic resource in addition to being good entertainment!
  11. loop

    HECK YA the site is back!!!

    I love TT either way, even if I've only been lurking lately... The new format was ok. But thanks for making it feel like home again!! I don't know, but vBulletin seems to be the software of choice at most of the sites I frequent. Really, though, it's the content that matters most to me
  12. I have a question about fitment. I used the FCR-MX kit from TT on my bike, and a WR FCR and the appropriate Sudco and Suzuki parts on my buddy's bike. On both bikes, it seems that the carburator length (distance from the front of the intake adapter to the back of the carb) is shorter than the Mikuni. I am not comfortable with the amount of "meat" for the air boot to grab on to. I spaced the carb a bit away from the motor, and the air boot a bit away from the air box to sort of center everything. It's all good and tight, no leaks. Originally I chalked it up to be production variances on my bike, as I've had fitment issues with some other parts. But then I did my buddy's bike and it was the same. In doing some searching around on the 'net, I have found a FCR adapter for installing a FCR-MX in a TRX450 quad. It's a longer adapter than the Sudco part, and I'm wondering if it will fit. Has anyone tried it?
  13. Yeah! That's exactly the one I'm looking for. I can't remember the name of the shop. If you don't want to post it, please pm me. Thanks! I remember seeing that one after much searching when I first installed the FCR on my bike, but I lost the link...
  14. loop

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Yesterday's ride. At Carnegie in Livermore. Might not be there long for OHV use, so I ride there whenever I can.
  15. I believe it. Never heard anyone else saying anything about having similar issues to the two I've done. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but if the carb is slid all the way against the head, there's so little meat for the air boot to grab that I'm afraid it will slip off. There's a little half-moon shaped cut in the air boot, and there may be 1/16" of meat for the clamp to grab there. I'm afraid of an air leak. Maybe I'm just being paranoid? I'm swapping fuel tanks this week on my bike. I'll take another look to see what's up.
  16. loop

    CRF450X vs. CRF250X

    I had a California plated 250x that I loved. Until I went riding at altitude. Even with a pipe and re-jet it lacked any power. My buddy's XR400 would outrun me. I sold it after riding a buddy's DRZ400 at 4500'. Today I would buy a 450x and rejet only. I'm over loud bikes in the woods. My Harley with a Thunderheader is enough noise for me. Let the bears and birdies be happy (and help keep trails open).
  17. loop

    Clarke Tank vs IMF Tank??

    Cool. Then I'm about to get an IMS and post my Clarke for sale...
  18. loop

    Clarke Tank vs IMF Tank??

    Does the IMS work with a FCR and Unabiker radiator guards? I can't seem to remember why I picked the Clarke. But I am thinking about switching out to an IMS 3.2 instead of modding my FCR...
  19. loop

    DRZ400 Dirt Wheels "in stock" !!

    Yeah, I was thinking that. Might take the bike apart to do a little black-out treatment...
  20. loop

    FCR Choke Mod w/ Pics

    Very nice! Thanks for posting! I've been putting this off for a while, but as you said, the weather's colder and she doesn't like to start any more... NMdesertRacer- I'm not sure if the part you mentioned would work, BUT, a member in this forum posted a Yamaha part number for a choke pull lever that would indeed work. It was the same as ours but shorter. Unfortunately the link was saved on a computer I no longer have, so I'm going to yank my tank and get to work this weekend.
  21. My Harley- Immaculate most days, except when I get caught in a rain storm or fog. My DRZ- Immaculate except for dirt riding days. I *always* clean the mud off after a good day of riding. I want my bike to look new as long as possible, even though the plastic is getting trashed from the tip-overs...
  22. loop

    Bit disappointed

    14/47, 3x3 mod and a FCR with a stock exhaust and your bike will RIP in comparison to stock. My bike is quicker than my buddy's with 14/47, rejet, 3x3 and a E head pipe with a Q2. Carburetor>Exhaust
  23. If you don't like Suzuki, don't buy it. I happen to think Suzuki makes a great product. Consider the Gixxer, the 'Busa, RM 250, and the DRZ. Sure, the DRZ not a light weight racer, but that's not what I want. I went from a CRF250X to my DRZ and couldn't be happier. I like 1000-mile oil changes, instead of 100 mile oil changes. I've done oil sampling, and according to the lab I can go as far as 2000 miles or more before a change, but I won't do it. It fires up every time, and runs great even when run hard and put away wet. Assuming the bike has been maintained, it will give you years of trouble free service. Plus, you've got Thumpertalk's biggest forum to gather information from. The DRZ truly *is* a great bike.
  24. I don't know how many of you use your DRZ for long distance adventure touring, but since I sold my BMW the DRZ's all I got. Dirt, road, whatever, it's my go-to ride when I'm not in my lifted diesel truck... I've got some carpal tunnel (sp?) issues when I put 100+ miles on the DRZ in a day, so I looked for some things to mitigate this issue with my right wrist. I know what some of you are thinking... First up was a Throttle Rocker, and next was a throttle-lock. Anyway, I searched everywhere on TT and Advrider, and nobody seemed to know what model Vista Cruise would work. I ended up buying the universal for 7/8" bars. The bad: -I had to move the brake reservoir to the left to make room for the clamp, making my Zeta 3-finger levers a bit short. A more elegant solution would be to drill and tap the brake reservoir clamp, but I was feeling lazy... -I had to trim the grip to slide the collar closer to the throttle housing, which put the rubber spacer that grips the grip (ha ha) at the narrowest part of the grip. I had to use a piece of bicycle tube to make the grip a larger diameter. Additionally I had to use multiple washers as the spacer included in the kit is too big for my setup. -I had to trim two tabs off the arm that secures to the clamp next to the throttle housing. It would not fit. -If the throttle cables exited on the bottom or front of the bars, a trick sleek low-profile unit can be used instead. We're not that lucky... The good: -It works! Holds the throttle wherever you want, leaving you free to communicate freely with the traffic around you... I actually though it would be a PITA to install. I was done in about 30 minutes. Got my stuff at California Sport Touring. Cool peeps...