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  1. elimin8or23

    Anyone riding the poker run tomorrow?? (Rampart)

    Well I have one person that PMed me and we are meeting at 9:00 at the reg tent. I hope to see you all there! I will be the 6'6" guy in green camo riding gear with a white helmet! If you see me please say hello. I woul like to meet some more people around here!! Thanks Tony
  2. Anyone riding the poker run tomorrow?? (Rampart) I decided to go and thought I would see if anyone here was going that I could meet up with. Thanks! Tony:ride:
  3. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    Trevor and I just parked. We have a huge area here for anyone that wants to join the fun. We are about 1mile past the flat rocks camp ground turn off. Watch the left side for 2 cones. My white Colorado and Trevor's green dodge are parked so you can see them looking back from the road.
  4. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    Sounds good! I am still trying to get out tonight but I may wait until tomorrow morning to head up. My wifey is working late tonight, and I want to see her before I go. If she works too late I may wait until morning to head out. Later all! P.S. Hey doshi if you want I have a trail ripper you could ride.......
  5. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    I have 3 empty seats and a 3 rail trailer with one bike on it......I am going up Friday and coming back Sunday after the run. Just shout if I can help you out!
  6. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    in the 4 years I have ridden these events, I have never seen them turn anyone away. There is always a lot of people there but to is so worth it! It helps the management of the riding area to maintai. The trails and keep them open too!
  7. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    If you want to come up to camp, look for the road cones. I set two up at the camp site entrance so we are easier to find. Let me know ahead, and I will send you detailed instructions to where we are from the site....(Thank god for iPhone)
  8. I know alot of people frequent these boards and do not read the regonal boards so I thought I would throw this link up for everyone to see. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=689467 If you are in the area, WE WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! If you can come camp, SUPER. If not, I hope we can at least see you for the day! Ride on!!!!!!!!!!
  9. elimin8or23

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    I will be there! I am going up Friday and coming back Sunday. I plan on taking a ride Saturday down to Rainbow Falls. There are some great trails down that way! Broken - Same spot as last year, or the spring run? WOOOO HOOOOOO:applause:
  10. elimin8or23

    Last trip of the summer 9-20-08

    I may make it up for a day. I am riding the poker run this weekend (the 14th) and we are trying to move. If I finish moving I may be able to talk the wifey in to letting me out for another day of riding!
  11. elimin8or23

    rainbow falls 09/27

    I hope you will be comming up then. It should be fun! This is one spot, I think I was more comfortable going down than going up! ~Tony
  12. elimin8or23

    rainbow falls 09/27

    keep on thinking that. When we get you up there youcan decide!
  13. elimin8or23

    rainbow falls 09/27

    I still don't think the video shows how steep that really was!
  14. elimin8or23

    camping in rainbow falls.....

    Unless your truck and trailer are lifted, I would not try it! The corner there has about a six foot change in elevation from the middle of the corner to the edge where the entrance to the campsite is. -Tony
  15. elimin8or23

    camping in rainbow falls.....

    we rode a couple of short trails then too 650 to rampart and back. It was way fun for me! I had never been on any of these trails. The dust was pretty bad, but I can only compare it to Rampart. That is the only place I have really ridden. (with the exception of one trip to Red Cone) We must have crossed paths somewhere! We went to captain Jacks at about 4:00, and unloaded and re-loaded the bikes. tdoshi9 could not get his bike running after the morning ride..... ~Tony