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  1. Looks great. I have a Cyclops on mine as well. I think you’ll love it!
  2. I appreciate all the comments. The diagrams and explanations helped me understand how the cooling system works. I’m amazed at how quickly my E model heats up when stopped and idling at red lights. Really speaks to the fact that a “water cooled” engine still needs air flow!
  3. Thanks for the diagrams! Helps a lot. Looks like I had it backwards.
  4. Mine is a 2003 E Model
  5. On DRZ400 E. It’s my understanding that cooler antifreeze from radiators flows INTO engine from TOP LEFT side of radiator through thermostat housing ( I know E doesn’t have thermostat inside of housing) and then out of engine (now hotter) through water pump and back into LEFT LOWER radiator. Is this correct? Thanks!
  6. That’s great! Do you sell these? How do I go about getting one?
  7. So I removed the oil vapor separator and cut a hole it it (after ordering new one) and found more of the mysterious pieces which, thanks to you, I now know came from the sponge inside the housing. Problem is there is no way to open it up without cutting it open. Based on what was left inside, it’s been breaking down for a long time. So, if any of you begin to see these small pieces of plastic sponge in your oil it’s likely time for a new vapor canister: Suzuki part number 11330-29F00 (tank oil return).
  8. Wow! That’s it!! Great detective work! Do you think the filter in there just got old? Guess I should order a new one.
  9. That sure makes sense! Thanks to all for your help trying to figure out this strange situation. Looking forward to riding now!
  10. That’s an interesting observation! I just checked and the rings on the oil bottle tops that I always use (Amsoil) are solid. Good suggestion though. Thanks