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    its off a 440 exc bit easier to jet, bit more on top!
    2.75 on rear sets another full knob on hard pack, not so many 4th gear backwards siides, this bike will roast back tire on fully hard dirt, F##K me its wild to go backwards at 40-50 Mph
    good stuff, I broke it in half once tird gear downhill hit a hidden root on a big tree, holy F##k! deflected everything else
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    SPECIFICATIONS The E Line Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard is made of a composite of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and high temperature resins in custom molding pipe guards. This combination of materials distributes any impact over a large area to reduce the pipe damage. The lightweight composite has 75% greater tensile strength than aluminum. The E Line Carbon Fiber Pipe Guards weigh between 9 – 20 ounces depending on the model. Light enough that factory motocross teams including Team Honda & Factory Connection as well as Team Yamaha Off-Road and KTM Off-Road use E Line Carbon Fiber Pipe Guards. Fits Stock pipe Carbon fiber reinforced with Kevlar Much stronger and lighter than aluminum Exact fit to specific pipes Exceptional workmanship Guard includes stainless clamps
    its bent too, threadserts help keep it there
    its bent, cases intact!
    Love the sound on this one
    Great pipe!
    good stuff in middle
    lov the WP extreme 5omm conventionals 12 years ad still not thrilled with PDS
    in progress
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