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  1. I would also like to know about the firewire port. I recently purchased a digital camcorder. When I bought the camcorder, I was a little confused about a firewire port. Is there an adapter to go from a firewire port to a wireless card port, or are they the same thing? My computer has a wireless card (which I am using right now on the deck of my house while drinking beer). If anyone can help, thanks.
  2. Dean400

    Any 500cc "Real-Men" up in here?

    I'm 25 and I have an '89 CR 500. It's my sand dune bike. I love it, except for the extreme handlebar vibration.
  3. Sorry about asking about a 2-stroke, but I am looking for rubber mounted triple clamps for a Honda CR 500. I wanted to get RG3 clamps, but they don't make them for a CR 500. Does anyone know who makes good rubber mounted clamps for a 500?
  4. Dean400

    WR400 wheels on a WR450

    I'm almost positive that they will fit. However, if it is a '98 WR400, they won't. They changed the rear wheel in '99.
  5. Dean400

    Tyres for wr450f 04

    I've used the M25 in sand and it handles awesome!
  6. Dean400

    05 wr 450's

    The Honda head use rocker arms. Yamaha does not. I'm not sure if this is the problem, though.
  7. Dean400

    fuel tank mystery?

    I've been wondering why the fuel petcock on my tank is not the lowest part of the tank. The bottom right of the tank has this ear that reaches way down below the petcock. Doesn't this mean the bike could run out of fuel even though there is still fuel in the tank? My aftermarket tank is the same way. Does anyone know why this is?
  8. What is the name of the first song in the video?
  9. Dean400

    best way to tie down a bike

    I always use my kickstand in the back of my truck. The front wheel goes in the left corner of the bed, and the rear wheel goes in the back right corner. Two tie downs go from the handlebars to the front corners of the box. I use a fork brace too. A third tie down goes from the left side of the handlebars to the left rear corner of the box to keep the kickstand touching the box. My WR400 fits with the tailgate up in my S-10 shortbox and it doesn't move an inch.
  10. Dean400

    Should I replace my top end? need feedback

    Does anyone know where to find a compression tester that will fit our bikes?
  11. I've got a '98 WR400 with about 3,000 to 4,000 miles on it. I am wondering if I should replace the piston. I have a few questions. 1. Is this time for a rebuild? 2. Should I replace some other things also(wrist pin bearing,valve seats, timing chain, etc.)? 3. Should I hone or deglaze the cylinder wall for the new rings? 4. Is there room in the frame to get the cylinder jug off without removing the whole motor? 5. Will I need any special tools? Thanks in advance
  12. When did Ezra Lusk switch to Yamaha? And who is the factory 250 Kawasaki rider now?
  13. Some people use soapy water or WD-40 to lube the bead. But I love this product called Ru-Glide. It is made specifically for lubricating rubber. It should be available at any Napa store and comes in one gallon jugs. You have to get a spray bottle though. It is definitely worth a try.
  14. Dean400

    Anyone else with a bad battery?

    A friend of mine bought a YFZ450 in the middle of July for a trip to the Idaho sand dunes. After the first two days, we had to push start it. We put a charger on it the next day, which didn't help at all. After he got it home, the dealer did warranty the battery.
  15. Has anybody gotten a bad battery with their YFZ450? My friend bought one and the battery quit taking a charge by day two. I wanted to see if this was common, or if it was a freak thing.