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  1. Hi Everyone, Wow, I'd rather have to crack the case open than figure out an electrical issue. I'm hoping someone here can help me out: I have a 2011 TTR-110 with electric start. It starts (using the kickstarter) and runs just fine, but the electric start doesn't work. The fuse at the battery plug looked fine, but I replaced it anyway, and also put in a brand new battery (multi-tester shows 12.6V). The key mechanism and run/kill switch work fine as evidenced by the fact that they both work as expected when kickstarting. Again, it starts fine with the kickstarter. When I try to start the bike via the electric starter, when I depress the electric start button I get nothing. Nada. When the bike IS already running (via kickstart), when I depress the electric start button I hear a buzzing noise. Every time I press the button, I hear the buzz. I would think that this proves that the start button checks out OK. So now what? This bike has very fews hours on it. Probably less than 20. I just used it to give lazy rides around the yard to the kids when they were younger. It's never been laid down and there is no evident misplaced or damaged wiring. I've checked all of the connections that I can see. Can anyone point me towards what to do next? Thanks in advance! Dingus
  2. Dingus

    Spark Plug Wire(s)??

    Just for everyone's info. The solution above worked - however, I wasn't comfortable breaking the seal to run the wire so I coiled it just above the seal and it works great! Gray, thanks for the help. Dingus
  3. Dingus

    Spark Plug Wire(s)??

    I wondered!! Excellent, thank! I'll try it now.
  4. Last night I brought home three, new '09 YZ450s and like with every new bike, I'm installing engine hour meters on them. I've never had any trouble with inductive hour meters in the past, but I'm not having any luck getting them to work. The lead to the spark plug "boot" is quick connect and different than I've seen in the past ('06 Hondas). Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks! Dingus
  5. I recently had 10 bikes stolen so I'm looking to replace at least two. I had a Honda CRF450R and was able to bolt on the X model (trail version) muffler which was very quiet and was good to keep the neighbors happy. I'm thinking about going Yamaha this time (loved my son's '06 450!), but I'd like to keep it quiet. Does anyone know if the the muffler from the WR model of the same year will bolt on to the YZ405F? I've found it's pretty easy to find someone who wants to trade the trail version muffler for the motoX version (and I don't care about the minimal power loss). I'm looking at new '08, '09 and '10s. Thanks for your help! Tony
  6. Dingus

    xr70 trans problems

    Idle is set too high.
  7. Dingus

    03 xr 70

    Yes, it's a very reliable bike. I have two '03 Honda 70s - one stock and one highly modified. Dingus
  8. Dingus

    crf70 wheely

    1) Put it in neutral 2) hold the shifter UP with your foot (1st gear) 3) rev it 4) then drop the shifter Wheelie all day. -Dingus
  9. Has anyone recently put an aftermarket exhaust on an XR70? Are you happy with the results? Dingus
  10. If just the piston seized (no crank problems), you could get a TrailBikes big bore kit (88cc) for $124 - new cylinder, piston, etc. Won't get you to 4 speeds, but definitely a cheaper option. Dingus
  11. Dingus

    oil drain / Filter

    That's weird - there were no replies to the original post on my screen until I posted.... ??????????
  12. Dingus

    oil drain / Filter

    The other one (angled slightly toward the front of the engine) is access to the cam chain tensioner. Remove the right crankcase cover to access the oil screen. It's right below the clutch - lies horizontal (parallel with the ground). When you pull out the screen to clean it - note that it's slightly tapered. Small end goes in first. Hope that helps. Dingus
  13. Dingus

    xr70 transmission repair

    If you have never done this before, I would warn you against attempting it without a service manual - if for no other reason than the transmission reassembly. Buy a Clymer manual for $25-30. It will cut the time it takes for the job in half and will save you from making a costly (more than the cost of the manual) mistake. Clutch removal tool is available online. You won't need anything for the piston rings - fingers work fine for that. Wise men learn from their mistakes. REALLY wise men learn from the mistakes of others. Don't crack the cases without a manual. Dingus
  14. Dingus

    Valve Shim Fell in Crankcase!! :(

    Ah, that's what I wanted to hear!!! Thanks!!!
  15. I can't believe it, but I did it. I dropped a valve shim while removing the cam assembly. I'm 99% sure that it went down into the crankcase. I fished around with a magnetic tool for a while but with no luck. I'm a novice mechanic and I can't visualize what's down "there". Am I looking at tearing the entire engine down now?