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    Had Rowher Flats all to myself. . .

    For you guys that want to think you know my riding style. No I dont do or like glamis never been and never will. As for looping it I dont think so!!! I think I have got the hill climb thing down I have been riding for over 31 years started out at 7 years of age and my first bike was a 125cc. Your right I dont know how to ride. As for posts I spend more time on the trails than I do on the computer.
  2. TooFaarOut

    Had Rowher Flats all to myself. . .

    Well lets see.... Bigity lives right around the corner so this is a great place just to cruise around. Dustee rides there quite a bit and I believe lives quite close to the area also. But Rower flats is nothing to tear your hair out over. I have rode it from Sierra hwy side to the Boquet canyon side and back from top to bottom. Too much Traffic ( quads ) and too many people who think they are the only ones out there so the trails belong too them only. It is a small area with no real challanges other than having to dodge a quad rider.
  3. TooFaarOut

    What was your first bike

    I bought my firt bike when I was 10 years old in 1976. It was a 1971 or 1974 125cc Dalesman Sachs. Quite the site I was 4ft tall. When I started out I had to roll it and put one foot on the peg and throw my other leg over the bike and same thing when I stopped. Bike had all kinds of power but no real top end. But as a kid I learned to ride on it and rode it for about 5 or 6 years until the points took a dump and I could not locate any to fit it. My next bikes were: 78 rm 250 bought in 82 79 rm 250 bought in 84 82 rm 250 bought in 89 89 cr 250 bought in 93 96 xrl 650 bought in 98 01 wr 426 bought in 04 current ride
  4. TooFaarOut

    Had Rowher Flats all to myself. . .

    Oh lucky you!! hahaha that place pretty well s_ _ ks. Been there once and will never go back.
  5. Need info here on a 2000 yz426. When removing a clutch from this machine you pull off the pressure plate. What is next on this is there a ball bearing inside this plate that the clutch rod fits up against? or not? I bought this bike used and dont know if the piece was accidently left out or never existed to begin with. Thanks in advance
  6. TooFaarOut

    Spangler Hills ORV

    I ride out at Spangler and Jawbone these are different type of riding Spangler is wide open desert with trails and some hill climbs. This area is great for kids as well as adults with 57,000 acres of riding area. Jawbone is more of sand and hill climbs in my opinion it is more of an adult riding area for the more experienced rider. I have been riding out at hungry valley as well but not in quite a while I hear the crowd is to heavy out at hungry valley. I would lein toward Spangler if you have novice riders and kids. great area in my opinion. Not too crowded at all. Spangler is about 100 miles past Palmdale california.
  7. TooFaarOut

    X-mas card pictures.. of MEEE

    Really did not think the dog looked retarded....But the guy in the picture I can see has severe mental problems!!!
  8. Hmmm lets see if I can figure this out 2001 wr426 I bought it for $2500.00 had 330 miles on it. 6 months ago from a guy who had mega bucks. Bike did not have hardly a scratch in it at all. Lots of all the after market stuff is already on it. ASV levers $0 after market foot pegs $0 D.I.D. gold chain $0 Renthal sprokets $0 push compression release $0 3.4 gal tank $0 Renthal bars $0 Renthal grips $0 new graphics (one indutries)and gripper seat cover $0 Works radiator guards $0 Works frame guards $0 White bros E series exhuast front to back $0 Acerbis hand guards (I got for my birthday) Yee haw Feels like I had a sponsorship!! Oh yeah got the bike off of ebay.It was listed only 4 hours when I seen it.I called the person and made a ridiculous offer and he took it . Went down and picked it up the next morning Been riding the sh_it out of her and now I have to buy a bolt to hold the seat in place noticed it was missing.
  9. TooFaarOut

    Problems with Wife

    Sell the bike and buy a tutu. Be a man damn it. Tell her where she stands. My wife told me to choose between her and my friends. I told her dont make me choose between you and my friends because you will always lose. My friends have been there for me before you were around and they will be there after you are gone. So she is now my X-wife. Ahh what a feeling.
  10. TooFaarOut

    XR to WR

    The WR426 is a great bike for desert or single track. My brother inlaws bought yzf426 and yz450 heres the break down. Right out of the hole the yz's rock but once they have toped out the WR walks by them no problem thanks to the wide ratio tranny. 2. The YZ's first gear is too tall for tight single track espeacially on the YZ450 you can not bog it down for creaping through the woods as where the WR is great at it. As for suspention my WR426 will go through mean whoops no problem with stock suspention I am 5'8" and 200lbs. The yz is a better track bike but for woods and desert riding I would go with a WR426. Going from a xr to the WR is a whole different riding experience. No comparison. If you have the chance ride one before you buy. I had an Xr650l. I sold it for the WR426 The WR is a mean machine.
  11. TooFaarOut

    well i've done it,,,,,

    I have had a broken shoulder for over a year first Dr told me it was healed up. I went to a second Dr after I had not regained movement and still had pain. Had surgery last week and guess what the Dr told me.... the bone that my rotator cuff is attached to was just floating around in my shoulder. Funny thing is it has been broken for so long that even while riding like a mad man and whiping out over the last year it has not really been painful. The Dr got out the Makita and drove a nice screw in to the shoulder to fix it. I guess we will see how great it heals now.
  12. Actually this was on the northern side of Jawbone about 10 miles from the black water pipe.
  13. TooFaarOut

    Trading Blue for Orange

    Good go orange one less person out on the trails. :cry:
  14. Know he just has to get some matching teeth!!! And he will be in like Flint. :cry: Talk about stereo typing a person and they dont even realize it. DUH
  15. Went riding Sunday Sept 19,04. Might have been my last ride for a while as I go in for shoulder surgery this comming Tuesday the 21st. We went out to Jawbone canyon for a day ride. We took off from our camp to a mountain peak we were unable to complete last time we were out as one of our riders could not make it up on his 2 stroke. We get to the top of the peak and it is the highest peak in quite a distance. The view was amazing. The last 20 feet had to be climbed on foot as it was broken up boulders. As we are looking I noticed a trianguliar marker on top of the peak. I then sat down and noticed a ammo box chained to the rock. Thought to my self what the hell is this the container had something in it. We proceeded to open it. At first we thought it was a first aide kit. Then we opened the box that was in side the ammo box and in had note pads and a few pens. It was a sign in pad for people that have been to this peak and found this box. We read many of the intered posts in the note books some dated as far back as 1987. It was cool to have found this. I had read about such things but thought to myself who in the world would find a tiny box in all the riding area that we ride. Any way if you find it sign in as we will be going back in a few months to see if anybody has signed in after us. :cry: