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  1. MX2Havasu

    Charmichael replica?

    Factory flos is the only way to roll.
  2. MX2Havasu

    RMZ450 pictures

    Hmm, looks familiar.
  3. MX2Havasu

    Need a back wheel!!

    I have a rim and spoke kit if you're still looking. email KISERI78@yahoo.com
  4. MX2Havasu


    My RS2 Comp Series made a world of a difference. Pulls harder and longer on the top.
  5. MX2Havasu

    Excel spokes (rear wheel) 06' RMZ450

    There's two different sizes of spokes for the rear. One seems a couple millimeters shorter than the other. Which side does the shorter ones go on? Disc side or sprocket side? The stock ones are identical in length so matching them up didn't help.
  6. MX2Havasu

    The new yoshimura RS2

  7. MX2Havasu

    Pastrana's RMZ 450

  8. MX2Havasu

    Track in lancaster

  9. Will a exhaust from an 04 fit on a 05?
  10. MX2Havasu

    Top End Work $$$

    I just finished putting a complete top end. All new cylinder, piston, head, valves and springs. I went with the steel valves to save some $. I paid around $1300 from the local Yamaha dealer. All parts were OEM.
  11. MX2Havasu

    Mobile 1 Red Cap?

    FYI-Just picked up a 5 quart container of Mobil 1 Red Cap last night at Walmart for $22.97. I'm located in So.Cal.
  12. MX2Havasu

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Just put the DCM in and it started up in three kicks! I'm going to love this thing. A big thanks to everyone's info!
  13. MX2Havasu

    250f VS 426f Cylinder Head

    Thanks! I thought the dealer might have given me the wrong head. The one I got has a pink/red dot which isn't in the Yamaha manual. Now I need to figure out which valve lifter to use. (blue,black,yellow)