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  1. No way? Sounds sketchy.. I knew Beta had some issues here and there but come on! 😅
  2. Hmm, I don't what I should do then.... Contact BetaUSA?
  3. Will it show old codes on the scanner? Or just ones that are active?
  4. I'm pretty sure the hour meter counts engine idling. Doesn't have to be moving.
  5. Here are some pics of trip B hours and miles.
  6. ,Not sure if I should even be posting this, but here it goes. A little backstory: My xtrainer has had a leaky countershaft seal since day 1, and on the most recent ride, the engine management light came on and stayed on (the yellow one, not the low oil light). I was riding around some sand trails at the time and had no choice but to ride home with the light on. After getting home, I tried several times to ride the bike and reset it but was talked into taking it to the dealer by my buddy. I take the bike in to the dealer, and the service manager admits they haven't worked on very many betas and aren't familiar with the diagnostic tool. Of course after a couple days he calls me and tells me that the engine light isn't on anymore, it comes on and then goes off after a couple seconds (like it should)... They also ride the bike about "5 miles" to replicate the leaking seal. It doesn't leak, so it can't be warrantied according to them, even though I sent them pictures I took of the leak. "It could be chain lube" is what the manager told me... According to them, the ECU doesn't keep a log of engine codes, but they reached out to BetaUSA for help. The bike has been at the dealership for about 2 weeks at this point, but it was only a couple more days so I let them keep it. The Beta Technician basically confirms that the ECU doesn't remember codes, and you can only pull a code if it is currently on? So basically they couldn't figure the engine light out, didn't want to warranty the countershaft seal, but at least the broken battery strap would be replaced under warranty... The labor wasn't covered under warranty either, so they charged me a $75 diagnostic fee. I'm not sure if this is common because I usually do my own maintenance and rarely drop a bike off for work. I paid the fee and inspected my bike before loading up and leaving. Everything seemed fine. On Sunday, I rolled the xtrainer to the center of the garage to get it ready for new handguards, when I noticed the hour meter displayed 48 total hours?? This surprised me since I thought the bike had around 20 hours on it. I hadn't even changed the gear oil at 30 hours so I know I didn't put that many hours on it. The mileage was what I figured it should be, around 365 miles. So there is no way I averaged 7.6 mph for my type of riding. My average was around 20 miles per hour, probably a little less. Nothing crazy slow, because I mostly ride in the desert, not crazy slow hard Enduro stuff. How could the dealer have put that many hours on it? Did they leave the diagnostic tool hooked up all day and night which kept the hour meter running? Also, I reset trip B every time I fill up the gas tank. It had 38 miles ridden, but 26 hours of time!? Hmm.... Sorry for the long winded post, I really needed to vent... Am I overreacting? Should I just deal with the fact they basically devalued my xtrainer? It's not a big difference, but still? Did they run the engine a lot to try to get the engine light reset? And do they have to replicate a problem in the shop in order to cover it under warranty? Here are some pics of the bike during the ride with the light on and the oil leak some time before. Also a pic of it on Slickrock trail in Moab for shits and giggles...
  7. My buddy's tire did the same thing in the exact same spot. He told rockymountainatv and sent it back for a replacement. Seems like an issue with their process.
  8. Try a small magnet. Like the ones they sell to pick up stuff off the ground.
  9. Are the knobs as flexible as the ones on a Kenda ibex tire? I might try this tire out next if it does ok in the desert.
  10. He said cheap, and specifically said no doubletakes ????.
  11. Well that's better advice than your first reply ?. My xtrainer came with a fan stock, so I was surprised when it acted like it was over-heating... I'll pop off that green thing if it starts doing it again.
  12. Is the gas cap check valve a big issue? I was riding in Moab and twice the bike sounded like it was boiling the gas. I would take the cap off and the pressure would be relieved in the tank. I'm worried about it because the engine light came on my 2018 xtrainer each time it happened, but it went away after I let the bike cool down, or hit some faster flowing trails. I was in Moab with 100+ temps, but I've had other bikes up there without issues. I thought the betas weren't known for overheating?
  13. Any update? Did you install the oem kit? I have a leaky countershaft seal I believe on my 2018 xtrainer with 4 hours on it ?.
  14. That response from Beta is definitely reassuring. I hope if I get the bike it's not part of the 5% affected.
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