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  1. Backwoods-Bomber

    Carb float seat

    Yeah, sorry bud. You just polish those, they're not replaceable.
  2. Backwoods-Bomber

    Random pics.

    Sounds good! I may hit you up in early November after hunting season ends.
  3. Backwoods-Bomber

    XR500 carb issues

    So. It ran fine with the xr600 carbs, then it sat for 4 months and now you are having the problem adjusting the floats and the idle fluctuates? Is that correct? Ethanol fuel can do a lot of damage quite quickly. I would expect that the float needle seat has some varnish on it that is requiring excess force to seal up causing the difficulty getting the adjustment correct. As for the idle, I would pull the pilot jet again and either clean it well or replace it. Then, as said above, check for vacuum leaks.
  4. Backwoods-Bomber

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I actually have been looking for those latches lately. Do you have a link to them on the Home Depot website? Saw mount looks great BTW
  5. Backwoods-Bomber

    Whats the value of my 1 owner 83 XL600R

    322 lbs is the same as 346lbs? Wet weights of course.
  6. Backwoods-Bomber

    Topo Map Question: shaded areas?

    Its cloudy there.
  7. Backwoods-Bomber

    Random pics.

    Not enough, but I've managed a bit of riding. I actually log more miles of crappy wet winter riding than summer usually.
  8. Backwoods-Bomber

    The riding game.

    The notifications seem to be troublesome, it tells me there's a message but then doesn't actually link to the thread when clicked..... I can't find anything!
  9. Backwoods-Bomber

    Random pics.

    Ok folks, site updates kinda threw me off of here for a bit but it's time to catch up on some randoms.. First, Tyrannosaurus Rex pancake. The TT universe needs to know about this. Next, I seem to have gotten myself sucked into building a faux racecar for the Gambler 500. It's a 1980 Ford Fairmont with a tractor stack, full cage, fuel injected turbo 4 cylinder and an epic wing made out of the trunk lid. Its ridiculous and fun. The whole thing is a promo for Mission 22, it's a charity for veteran suicide awareness. Next (in order of relative importance) I now have three children. I was given a book on this subject on my fifteenth birthday, perhaps it's time to read that one. My dog continues to be gigantic, unfortunately he is equally kineving and far smarter than me. This is challenging at times. Also, I milled a whole bunch of rough cut Douglas Fir benches for my best buds wedding, and built a type 6 brush truck for our volunteer fire department, roasted a 150lb pig and turned a party barge into a super rad Tiki Bar! That's the highlights, it's been kinda a slow summer.....
  10. Backwoods-Bomber

    The riding game.

    Yes, riding, and yes, site change made things difficult. Back in action now though!
  11. Backwoods-Bomber

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I have considered taking the rokon and the bike recovery trailer to some of the larger events with a sign advertising bike recovery. I bet it could be a money maker if you kept it on the DL....... drag 3 bikes back to camp and pay for your weekend!
  12. Backwoods-Bomber

    Random pics.

    Not gonna lie, I found a purple one in my lawn a few months back that was all dog chewed. Weird thing is that my dog is kept in by an invisible fence so somebody else's dog must have brought it through the perimeter. It was larger than the reference shoe....
  13. Backwoods-Bomber

    Random pics.

    Its dumb that it only let's me like this post once. Here is what I feel to be the appropriate number of thumbs-ups.[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  14. Backwoods-Bomber

    X-RAYS 600R Need better suspension

    Yeah, there are tons of threads on swapping to USD's, do yourself a favor and do a Google search on "xr600 Usd fork swap" and tons of thumpertalk threads will pop up. The search function here on TT doesn't work so well. There are quite a few options ranging from adapter stems or conversion bearings all the way to custom conversion triple clamps or even machining your own adapter parts. No matter what way you choose to go there are folks on here that have done it.
  15. Backwoods-Bomber

    X-RAYS 600R Need better suspension

    Start by throwing those forks in a dumpster and swapping to USD forks from a crf250 or 450. That way you're not throwing money at flexy old outdated parts.