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  1. I work at one..... but I'm on vacation at the moment....
  2. Isn't that the pick up for the fuel enrichment circuit? I'm out of town atm so I can't just pull apart my spare carb set like I usually would.
  3. Hmmm, usually big bores want leaner jetting. I think I ended up at 58 pilot, 128, 125 of I remember right. I went as high as a 128, 132 and had a mid to top end hesitation/bog. Leaner fixed it for me but our builds are different. Mines just a stock 83 xl600 with a hi comp wiesco, 11-1 or whatever they claim it is. It runs on 93 without pinging so I speculate its actually 10.5 to 1 or so.
  4. Wow! I can't wait to see what jetting ends up working on this build. What is your displacement?
  5. What jets are you running here?
  6. Add the number and corresponding next letter to your Google search and it will get more hits. As in "ph60a carb" as opposed to "ph series carb".
  7. What do you want to know about em?
  8. Try a 58 pilot
  9. Dear lord that's rich jetting! Try 125 mains in both carbs. Do you mean 65 pilot?
  10. That sure looks like a keintech screw to me, that's the one you want. The last thing I can think of is to replace the pilot you have with a new 22.5 in case someone messed that one up. Otherwise, I dunno.
  11. I think the mixture screw is what is in question, not the pilot size. Can you pull the screw and post a picture?
  12. This is a pretty common complaint about the bsr carb after rejet. Usually it is that it is rich and therefore idling slow so the idle speed is increased to get a smooth idle speed. Now the slide is open further than it should be and the idle hangs. I'm surprised you are having this problem with the 22.5 pilot jet, is your mixture screw the keintech? Or a different brand? The keintech screw in known to be a little richer than the stock screw so maybe try the stock screw?
  13. It is a carb problem, or possibly a cable and throttle problem but it seems as though you would have caught something as simple as that. Valve timing can't cause a hanging idle. So when you say you have tried and tried, I'm assuming you mean adjusting the mixture screw right? Have you followed the exact procedure I posted above? If yes, did the mixture screw have a direct affect on the engine rpm at idle?
  14. Get it good and warm, now turn the mixture screw in until you find the setting that gives the highest idle speed. Now use the white idle speed knob to turn the idle speed down to the lowest rpm that it is running smoothly. Report back.
  15. Do you have an extended mixture screw on it?