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  1. @MX813 and@Wiz636 I am impressed at your responses to my whining in this tiny corner of the internet. Like I said before, I really appreciate all the work you folks put into these events. Thanks for responding, I know from personal experience that sometimes as an organizer you only get to hear the opinions of the squeaky wheels. I value that you took the time to consider my suggestions and answer accordingly. I can't wait til next April!
  2. Thanks for the response. Allow me to clarify one point, I would not have gone down to the next bridge with the goal of crossing the creek, I would have just rejoined the course by following the creek up until I encountered the trail and then hung a left to rejoin the course. After waiting that long I full on didn't care about the poker run, completing the course or anything other than getting out of that herd of parked motorcycles. I know that hindsight is 20-20 but it would have been cool if some stumpies had seen this issue as it occurred and just flagged a bypass for folks that didn't want to wait. This would have also required that someone be posted there to communicate that there was a way around even if it meant you wouldn't hit all the poker draw points. Anyway, great event and I appreciate all that you guys do. I just hope that this issue is on your radar for discussion as you plan future events. Also, take a look at those alturna-mats that I linked to previously. We use them for construction access for everything from atv's to cement mixers. They are far safer and more effective than plywood.
  3. I had ethanol free low grade unleaded in the tank when I went to big bore with single base gasket. On low load roll on I got a very slight pinging so I dumped that gas asap and went to premium, no pinging since. Not sure if that helps but that was my experience.
  5. Assuming you did thoroughly clean the carbs (including emulsion tube holes) I would vote stator. Trouble is that an rpm based issue will likely check as good with the ohm meter when not running. Only way I know to rule it out is by swapping with a known good stator.
  6. I have NEVER had a flat on a trackmaster. I don't know what it would take to cause one short of something like a nail. Pinches have never been a factor even in boulder gardens and finding hidden jagged rocks in the sage at speed. As for the rim lock, you are doing yourself and the bike a great disservice by riding off road at street pressures. You're swapping tires anyway so you might as well toss on a rim lock at the same time. Imo, airing down a knobbie from street pressure is as big of a difference as going from stock tires to knobbies was in the first place. Trust me, for the rear go with a rim lock, trackmaster, hd tube and 12 psi and your xr will pull like farm equipment.
  7. Looks like a chopped dr650 fender to me.
  8. Try 12 psi. As long as you have a rim lock that is. 20 is crazy high.
  9. Thank you. I do wish you success in your endeavors.
  10. New guy to the thread here, no mean comments from me. Please stop using this forum to pimp your YouTube vids. This forum is about sharing ideas and helping folks out, not upping your click-bait count. I like your build by the looks of the images that make it into the forum but your obvious intention of trying to get views has kept me from watching any of your videos. Please, by all means continue posting pics and content to thumpertalk but PLEASE stop attempting to use us as your avenue to interweb fame and glory.
  11. I was in the camper, by the toy hauler, next to the motor home. Duh! Should have been easy to find with a description like That! Lol.
  12. Yeah, yesterday that section was a parking lot. I'm sure it was better for the race today with less overall traffic and better skill base but yesterday the ironman and family courses went through there and it was a mess. It wasn't technically difficult or anything, just a bottleneck that caused riders to file through one at a time and just difficult enough that some folks were dropping bikes and whatnot.
  13. No joke. I was seriously concerned that the delay would result in my giant dog crapping in my camper too. Don't worry, he ended up being nice and comfy when I eventually made it back.....
  14. No joke. I was seriously concerned that the delay would result in my giant dog crapping in my camper too. Don't worry, he ended up being nice and comfy when I eventually made it back.....
  15. Agreed! It was a great weekend even with the rain. At least it was the slimy surface mud instead of the bottomless sticky crap from last year. That bridge debacle was flaming clusterf#ck! What the hell? I must have hit that spot at the absolute worst time because I waited longer than two hours. It killed me because I knew I could just bail to the left and follow the creek up to the next bridge but I wanted to respect the course and the stumpies.. so I waited. And waited. And then watched people make open throttle attempts at the mud covered plywood approach resulting in everyone in line getting roosted and the bike falling over. A recommendation to the stumpjumpers; buy a set of these. To use in future situations like this instead of plywood. Aside from that little snafu the event was great. Thank you to all of the stumpjumpers for the hard work and putting on a great event.