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  1. Ok, that tire is off the list.....
  2. Me too, same jetting as stock bore. But I'm telling you, going to the cvk40 carb was waaay better.
  3. Well, this happened...... So, next step..... And it's starting to come back together. Here is the grafted seat pan to mate the crf250x subframe to the xr600r gas tank. Next week I will get the lower subframe mounts done, air boots switched over and hopefully some foam on the seat but that may be a bit ambitious.
  4. Easy fix. The float valve seat gets pitted from the old gas sitting for long periods. Take a small wooden dowel and sharpen one end in a pencil sharpener. Apply a fine rubbing compound to the tapered point on the dowel and stick it in the seat and spin the dowel between your fingers. This will polish up the contact surface of the seat and usually solves the leak. Be sure and clean out the seat with a shot of carb cleaner and some compressed air before reassembly.
  5. There's nothing wrong with the duals when set up properly and on a well dialed machine. My Xl starts first or second kick every time and is as hard to stall as a good mule. I'm not sure what you mean when you say you can adjust it down so it's not driving the bike forwards. Are you saying the clutch is dragging? Are your valves in adjustment? What jets are in the carbs? What year is the xl?
  6. ^^^^^^ What they said.
  7. Not likely. The op's issue results in too much fuel, choke would make it worst.
  8. The battery tender 240 lithium is only $110. The proper battery tender junior lithium maintainer is only $35. So, for $145 You can have the whole setup at your doorstep and it fits right in the drz battery box, weighs considerably less and has double the cranking power. The only downside I have experienced is cold weather starting, as in below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit it won't turn fast enough to start my dead cold 434 with single base gasket. So far, I have never been able to "warm up" the battery by cycling the headlight or tapping the start button. My rule of thumb is that ice on the car windshield = lithium won't start the bike.
  9. Awesome! Get it done and send me a quote for an xtrainer 300 with a plate!
  10. That phenomenon is referred to as alligator arms. I suggest you start carrying your wallet in your front shirt pocket....... do it. Buy the Beta!
  11. And all the things you just mentioned are the reasons I keep finding myself window shopping the Beta "build your own bike" page. It's crazy how affordable mods become when you get to offset the cost of the oem parts.
  12. Do it.
  13. Yeah, bj is a badass! Check YouTube for the hoonigans episode where he wrecks the donut garage. Figure eights off a loading dock in his trophy truck!
  14. Gee, what should I order???