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  1. ZombieRX

    frame filter bolt

    thanks all, been outta town so i had to dig this up I'll probably give it a few changes and then check it out.
  2. ZombieRX

    frame filter bolt

    ty much, i have one more newb question requarding the same subject. After removing the clamp (1). How does one get to the actual strainer bolt? I figured the meshed hose would detach from the upper portion below the bolt. But, I don't want to snap the hose as it looked pretty fragile. Does the actual strainer decend a bit into the hose? I just need a little reassurance that I can pull straight down on the detached hose thx =))
  3. ZombieRX

    frame filter bolt

    I'm changing my oil for the first time and have run into a slight prob. Can anyone tell me what size #4 is on the very bottom picture??? I only got wrenches up to 16mm Also, do you guys/gals use loctite on pretty much all bolts you install? blue == low end, red == high end pressure if i'm not mistakin... thanks much
  4. ZombieRX

    Handguards WR

    Thanks again all, i did end up ordering the cycra-pro bends straight from TT! TT deserves my money just as much as the next guy [plug]That and they have the sweetest 4-stroke forum on da net [/plug]
  5. ZombieRX

    Handguards WR

    thank you all very much for the great info! It's so nice to come to thumpertalk and get positive, experience-driven responses
  6. ZombieRX

    Handguards WR

    I'm in need of some good handguards. I've sucessfully bent each lever at one time or another. So far, i've been lucky enought to perserve my digets. I have done alot of looking and seem to have setteled on cycra guards. However, the packs list as 100 each. I'm curious whether or not this is a pair of guards or just one side. If it is great! if not 200 for two aluminum bars and some plastic scares me I would love to spend some of that hard earned money on an exhaust. Also for my information can someone help me understand the pros/cons of each of the mounting styles. front-pinch, side-pinch, regular. Do the triple-mounts and extra strength to the bar or allow greater bar interoperability? Finally if you have any suggestions on alternatives, or testemonials i would greatly appreciate it. (FYI i have a stock 7/8 steel bar (im pretty sure )) Thanks all very much, this is my first bike so be prepared for more stupid questions heh
  7. ZombieRX

    WR250F fast or slow

    As for wheelie potential, I have an '02 wr and have only removed the baffle... I've set it vertical not to mention almost crapping my pants.
  8. Thx guys for the great info and warm welcome. I also found howstuffworks for the basics, very cool website.. not just for auto/bike. <spent most of my workday there > I'm looking around for some classes so i can mess up their stuff first. Thx again
  9. Hi all, So I finally have a job that permits me to purchase toys =) In comes a wr250f '02 for a sweet price at my local motorized toy shop. I had never been on a bike before and had only ridden a weak four-wheeler a few times. I made the purchase about a year ago, now i can get my butt off the thing. But, due to my lack of experience I haven't attempted anything major on the bike. (all stock) i've never worked on jack as far as mechanics. I guess i've never really had the money. Everything I've ever had has come from my own pocket. I need some resource assistance really. Books preferably. Basics to advanced something that can grow with me. Be it a kit or whatever. I want to basically learn the small engine. I haven't even done the free mods on my wr , god i'm a puss I want to get past this and know what i can and cannot do. I guess everyeone has to start somewhere. I was thinking of just running over to barnes&noble and browsing around heh. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks@