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  1. bubbaandbee

    Sand Dune Question???

    How much of a jetting change did you encounter???Thanks Matt
  2. bubbaandbee

    yfz 450 wants to stall!!

    I will give it a shot and see what happens!!Thanks Matt
  3. bubbaandbee

    yfz 450 wants to stall!!

    Does your bike have the same problem?? My jetting is spot on!! As well as my idle!! Matt
  4. bubbaandbee

    Sand Dune Question???

    Thanks Doug...........Thats what I was thinking!!Matt
  5. bubbaandbee

    Yamaha yfz 450 wants to stall!!

    The bike runs flawlessly,but I had it at the track today and noticed it wanted to stall after a couple hard charges into the corners. Is that common??? Maybe they do that when you get them hot or ???? Thanks for any input!!Matt
  6. bubbaandbee

    Sand Dune Question???

    Sounds like an interesting place to ride!!!!!Thanks for the input........Matt
  7. bubbaandbee

    Sand Dune Question???

    Thanks for the reply!! Have you been to little sahara in Utah??Matt
  8. bubbaandbee

    Sand Dune Question???

    Go on the internet and check out some pics!!Its beautiful. Imagine riding at glamis at 4000 ft surrounded by pine trees........
  9. bubbaandbee

    Yamaha Sand Dune Question???

    Has anybody ever gone to the Corral Pink Sand Dunes in Utah?? Is it any good or worth the drive?? :thinking:I tried a post on the southwest riding areas with no responses, so I thought I would make one last attempt!!THanks for any Input!!
  10. bubbaandbee

    Corral Pink Sand Dunes Utah

    Can anyone tell me if it is worth the drive to the Corral Pink Sand Dunes?? I live in Murrieta ,CA I have been told its about 7 to 8hr drive........Thanks Matt
  11. bubbaandbee

    Boy did I get the BONE!

    You should let everyone know what dealership that is!!Freedom of speech.
  12. bubbaandbee

    Favorite tracks So CAL

    Maybe your right!! Possibly the 99 Cent store would hire him part time... I would love to see that guy on then track, maybe the two of us could give him a hay bail sandwich!! :cry:
  13. bubbaandbee

    Favorite tracks So CAL

    Try cahuilla mx park!!You will love it.......Although, there is a guy there that thinks he's in charge! He is a grumpy old JACK A*@.....and I aint a kidding. The guy will yell at you for anything. The guy needs to retire and be a door greeter at wallmart....
  14. bubbaandbee

    K&N air filter for yzf 450

    Thanks for your input!! I have two of them on my quads and work great!Wasnt sure for the dirt bike.........I may just try one out...........Thanks Matt
  15. bubbaandbee

    U-4 race gas for yzf 450

    I will accept the compliment!!