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  1. motoxcrrider14

    what makes 11/8" bars better?

    are you sure you have the sizes right hondayboy83? all my 7/8th bars bend easy but my TAG fat bars havnt bent at all.
  2. motoxcrrider14

    Lets see some whippertails!!

    WOW all those whips are awesome, congrats guys. if i had a pic. of mine i would look like a total goon compared to those haha.
  3. motoxcrrider14

    Rim photoshop.

    WOW thanks so much guys. i never thought the green would look that good, and the black looks awesome. Red/yellow together looks way to weird i thought it would look better but i was wrong, so now I'm not sure what color to do, red, yellow look great even green and black look awesome. i am bamboozled on what to get when i get them. Socalfmx, no i like more in the middle near San Fransisco and San Jose. Thanks for the compliments on my bike too, and uh no it doesn't glow int he dark Baja9928 ha ha.
  4. motoxcrrider14

    Rim photoshop.

    haha urs isnt pretty either brian! haha
  5. motoxcrrider14

    Rim photoshop.

    Hey guys i was hoping someone might be able to help me out here. Id want to see red rims, yellow rims, green rims, and yellow front and red back. if anyone could help that be great. heres a pic. Thanks.
  6. motoxcrrider14

    Pics 2002 CRF450 DS

    if your using photobucket click on the box that has url written ont he side and highlight the words then copy and paste onto here. its always worked for me.
  7. motoxcrrider14

    Yellow or red?

    Ya ya i know its not but that doesnt mean i dont want new stuff. my goggles are scratched up and so its ok to get those my gloves are ripped and are brand new so bringen them back and getting a new pair. and the boots well 2 pair never hurt nobody and the soles of mine are pretty beat up
  8. motoxcrrider14

    No clutch in shifting?

    So when you are racing you got the throttle pinned you let off the throttle completly, quickly shift up, and then get back on the gas? Just want to get this straight and clear from someone.
  9. motoxcrrider14

    what are the best hardpack tires?

    Dunlop 739, but since when was club moto hardpack when ever i see it it is thick soft dirt or mud?
  10. motoxcrrider14

    Yellow or red?

    I would LOVE a pair of white tech 8's thats what i want but im only 15 and those are like $400! unless your old ones are like tech 6's ore somthing and you would want to sell them
  11. motoxcrrider14

    Yellow or red?

    Do you guys think i should get yellow gloves and goggles and black or white boots? Or should i just keep them red with my yellow bike? Old bike was red honda which is why that stuff is red.
  12. motoxcrrider14

    RM 125/250 radiators?

    i was out at the track and i looked down and blue radiator juice was all over my engine, me and my dad looked at it and it wouldnt hold any water. we poured some in and it just came right out. so were going to get it fixed. radiator land will do it for $50 or so. and we know a guy at GP sports really well so we get a good discount there. i really only would ned a new left if i wanted that but i might get guards so i wanted to start with nice new ones rather than my somewhat beat up ones.
  13. motoxcrrider14

    RM 125/250 radiators?

    Ya i didnt think they would and i called a store and they said a little wider and one of the hoses go out from a different position, but i put a thread on another website where they said it would fit by multiple people. so now im not so sure. but i cant buy new ones from suzuki because they are $400 bucks a piece is that crazy or what!?! my honda cr125 only one year older i cud get them for a about $130!
  14. motoxcrrider14

    RM 125/250 radiators?

    I need new radiators on my rm 125 2003 and to get new ones there almost $400 each! but i found a brand new pair for a 03' rm 250 and need to know if they will fit my 03' rm 125. does anybody know if it will fit?
  15. motoxcrrider14

    How is MY form?

    Looks good to me just keep the elbows up